When can baby sleep with blanket?

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Mine always did but I would only let them with the really hole-y blankets.

My first always did, my second kept trying to smother himself (he liked it over his face) so he didn’t get one until over a year old… and even then I have to fix it after he’s asleep.

Mine always slept with a blanket

Recommended they dont start til a year old by doctors. Ours started at about 10 months old or so

My son always had a blanket :blue_heart:

Mine did from birth, all 4!

Mine always did. All of them. Especially my youngest. Just turned one and can’t go anywhere without the thing

I never gave my son a blanket when he was under a year old. We used swaddles and sleep sacks in the mean time. But now that he is a bit over the recommend age, even if I do cover him up (keeping the blanket below his arms so they’re free) he will find a way to get it off in his sleep. Or if hes awake he will pull it off.

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I bedshared until my son was 1 and still do sometimes so he’s always had a blanket.


Mines always had a blanket. He didn’t like being swaddled and I’ve noticed he cuddles up to his blanket for comfort. He’s almost a year now!


I cover my son with a blanket now and he’s 1 year

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My son is about to turn 1 on Sunday and he uses a large sleep sack when he’s in his crib. When he’s in his pack n play, where he’s kept a closer eye on (aka we’re not sleeping too) he uses a blanket. He’s the length/height of an 18 month old! So they do make them pretty big if you’re not ready to switch over to a blanket yet. Once he grows out of this sleep sack we’ll switch him over to a blanket. Whenever you think your child is (and when you are) ready as long as they’re able to roll over/move the blanket away from their face on their own

Whenever u want them to, use common sense don’t use a heavy think blanket and make sure they are not covering their face always check on them. Motherhood can be scary if it’s ur first but ur motherly instincts will kick in


Mine has always had a blanket. When in their playard/bassinet they had a sleep sac and a blanket. When moved to their crib they had blankets.

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Once my son was rolling over was when I started letting him sleep with a stuffed animal. I didn’t do a blanket until he stopped moving around as much so it would actually stay on him.

Mine always had blankets. They were swaddled & I’d tuck a blanket in over them. 5 kiddos

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My son had a blanket pretty much from the start.


My boys always had a blanket usually a light one like a recieving blanket.


Mine always has. Really depends on how vigilant you are and if the child tends to cover his face. We gave him a knit blanket with breathable holes in it from day one.