When can baby sleep with blanket?

My son absolutely hates the blanket while sleeping…he will kick it off, so I dont give him one. He’s 16 months.

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We used sleep sacks and footed pajamas. When I first introduced the blanket I would put it below his arms and tuck it between the crib rails and the mattress so it was hard to pull up on. After a bit he would move it around well, and now is a champ at sleeping with a blanket!

As soon as they are able to roll over and “rescue” themselves - mine slept with a blanket from 9 months because he knew how to move it away from him


My son is 22 months and still doesn’t :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son has slept with his blankey since he was about 4 months

They make some really great sleep sacks/pajamas that can provide warmth and reduce the risk of blankets. AAP recommendation is at least 12 months for soft things in the crib


My son has always slept with a blanket. I don’t sleep so I always check on him. He doesn’t pull it up to his face. He just likes to lay on it.

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Mine always did. Mainly cause he didn’t like to be wrapped (swaddle) so he would always manage te get out.
He is now about to be two and cannot sleep without he blanket.

I used sleepers mostly but I think I did when he started walking so, around 9 months or maybe a little before. :thinking:

My son’s pediatrician let us let him sleep with a blanket at 9 months old. He’s now 15 months old


When they are at least a year old. Sleep sacks are much safer if you’re worried that they are cold.


From day 1. Don’t be a dummy. U try and sleep without a blanket and see how well u sleep. All these parents wonder why they can’t get their baby to sleep through the night :woman_facepalming:t3::100:


My son slept sins burt wit a blanket sham howe cold would he have got in winter

I let my son sleep with a blanket at like 4 months. He’s 13 months now.

After a year is the safest. Nothing should be in the crib at all.

Both of mine have had blankets and pillows since we brought them home.

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I’ve used a blanket since my son was born and same for my niece and nephew. Before they started rolling over we would just tuck it in to the mattress on both sides to keep it in place. After that point we would just place it below their arms. My son started sleeping with a very flat pillow around 8-9 months. At 14 months we even dropped the side of his crib to make it a toddler bed. You just need to know what your child is capable of and your level of comfort with deciding when your child is ready.

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Mine always had a blanket from day one . All 3 of them . Just use common sense .


My daughter has had a crocheted blanket (her comfort item) in the crib since she was about 7 months old.

Since he was born, I had him in his blankie when we were still in the hospital

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