When can baby sleep with blanket?

My son didn’t like to be swaddled so we had to use blankets. He’s 13 months and uses his blanket as a soothing mechanism to fall asleep

My sons 9 months and will freak if he don’t have a blanket (he loves to chew on it)

My son has slept with a blanket from day one. I just always had a fan going to circulate the air. He’s 11 months now. He loves his blanky now too it’s so cute.

My son just turned 8 months and we just started. Just a light receiving blanket.

I waited till all my kids were at least one… even then it was only a thin cotton receiving blanket, and then gradually I would increase the size to a toddler blanket. My youngest is two and wraps himself in his blanket so I don’t allow him to have any fleece blankets.

My son was about 20 months. It is a small blanket. He usually kicks it off as he sleeps but when I tuck him in I always just put it belly button level and below to just cover his legs and make sure his arms are above it. The biggest thing is… you know YOUR child and their development! :hugs: I was super nervous at first but he did well.

Not until they’re at least 1


My son is almost a year and just started letting him sleep and nap with a blanket on

My son has since birth but I know it’s not safe but he’s almost two but I think they say like 1

Used sleep sacks until he could roll over by himself and now he has to have a blanket to sleep. Won’t sleep with out it.

I switched my son from a sleep sack to a blanket around 13 months

Most cribs say no blanket until a toddler bed☺️ so 15 months+

NHS recommends after 1, mine didn’t get one till they were in a real bed as the risk of suffocation is higher in a cot as the blanket can’t fall away from them onto the floor. A sleeping bag was plenty until then

It’s all preference. My son has slept with a blanket since he was born. I also co sleep. So :woman_shrugging:t2:

We’ve used a blanket since day one

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I waited until my son was 2-2.5

I waited until my son could move the blanket from his face and could from from belly to back/back to belly. He was 10 months when I started letting him actually sleep with a blanket. Now he won’t sleep without one. lol just don’t put the blanket passed their little shoulder blades… I always made sure it was under his arm pits

I always put a blanket on both of my babies :woman_shrugging:

All 3 had a blankie, just the beginning.

Both my kids were in their crib in their own room on night one of being home. Both had blankets.

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