When can i get my tubes tied after pregnancy?

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In most places it depends on how old you are/how many kids you already have/your OB. My cousin wanted hers tied after her first kid, she was mid twenties, and her OB said that she either had to be a minimum age of 30, or have 2 kids in order to have that done.

It depends on your area, what age you are they have to concider all of those.

Removal is better. You’ll reduce your risk of ovarian cancer.


My OB told me at least 8 weeks post partum, or during a C section if you have to have that during delivery. That was for me personally - I’m 27 and this is my 3rd pregnancy. Also in Ohio. But I have heard that every provider is different.

I got mine tied at age 27, 6 weeks after birth

My first one was at 25…one kid and miscarriage of triplets… second one was at 35 the day after giving birth. Did not untie them.

Mine were removed 4 weeks pp

Depends alot on your insurance too

Getting mine removed this week during my section. I’m 30 with 2 kids.

Well after I had my fifth child they did it while I was still in the hospital

I got mine done the next day in Delaware

As soon as she came out. I was in Arkansas and 23 years old. Tied em up. One and done.

Your OB. They refer out mostly.

i just got mine done this past Tuesday.
6 kids. 3 (2 boys 1 girl) with my ex. 3 (2 girls, 1 boy) with my love, now… it was time! 5 csections have ruined my tummy. my youngest is almost 7 months old. i had to have a umbilical hernia repair where my stomach didn’t close right, this time around.

I had mine removed, reduces chance of ovarian cancer, 2 months after I gave birth.

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They did my moms a few hours after she had my sister

It depends.
I wanted to get my tubes tied after my second child and my doctor refused to do it. He said I was (A) No married, (B) too young (I was 21), and © basing my decision on my circumstances (I was unemployed and my oldest was about to turn 1 years old).

How many kids you have

Depends on age, kids, medical conditions, Dr, spousal approval, and such. As well as some Dr’s do it right after give birth and some do it at the 6 week post partum.

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