When can you get your tubes tied after pregnancy?

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Just one thing. Check and see if your doc has any age restrictions. Some doctors won’t touch you if you arent a certain age. They have a hang up about that. My daughter in law requested getting her tubes tied and her doctor refused. Said she was too young to make that decision. She was in her early twenties and knew that she did not want to have kids. So watch out for those mysoginistic “we know your body better than you do jerks.”


TAlk to your ob gyn doctor. My were tied during csection. My daughters the day after she delivered. The procedure is different now. They are tied an ends are cauterized(burned) to shut the tube so even IF it came untied eggs cannot enter. I was 30 with one pregnancy she was 29 with 2.

It was worst thing I ever did want to add I’m still having health issues 24 yrs later maybe going for surgery number 7 if it ends up being one surgry not multiple like that last one


I literally had mine done the next day before I left the hospital. They would have done it at the same time but he was not a c-section.


My doctor tied my tubes right after my daughter was born. I told him not to. But my husband said yes. It was 52 years ago and they were done before I knew it !


I had mine done a couple weeks after. Only because the hospital I delivered at was catholic and they don’t believe in birth control, so I had to reach out to another Doctor at a different hospital :blush:


Immediately after birth or 6 weeks later. Highly suggest right after birth, recoup time when you wait sucks especially if you don’t have a partner ready and willing to step up to help.

I had mine done at 30 years old after my third child right there on the operating room table after my c-section. Never looked back. It was a great decision for me

I had mine done on the table right after they pulled my son out (he was a c section baby that was already planned as a c section due to why I had to have a c section with his brother) honestly though if I could go back and change it I would. Think long and very hard about that choice before you commit.


I had a regular delivery and tubes tied the next day. After 3 we had the family we wanted so it was the best decision I ever made!

44 years ago my daughter was born via c-section and the doctor tied my tubes right after.


Just remember there is a small percentage of tubal procedures done in the immediate post delivery period that do fail. They fail because the tubes are swollen from pregnancy and the rings they use fall off occasionally in the following years. It is only a small percentage mind you but it does happen. I am a firm believer that men should get snipped it is literally a 20 minute procedure and doesn’t involve the risk of anesthesia and surgery. Literally it takes longer for the local to work than it does to do the procedure and they are up and mobile the next day no pun intended.


I had a csection and they tied my tubes while I was open. Asked about it half way through my pregnancy and my OBGYN respected my decision.


Wait !! Why not have the husband have a vasectomy ? Only 20 min. procedure not painful and go home right away and go about business .


If you have a C-section, I believe the doctor can tie them right then. I had my tubes removed during my c-section because my fourth and last was it for us. I now have 2boys and 2 girls.
Talk with your Doctor.


My dr is making me wait 9 weeks after delivery because his technique is reversible. Also, his primary hospital is catholic so he has privileges to do them at another hospital.

My daughter was born on May 20 1980 (Mt st helen) Dr did the tube tying that day. When he came to check on me he laughed saying he would look at me not the tv this time. (Watching the eruption)

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I got mine tied right after I had my 3rd baby, my last 2 were c sections so they just did it while I was already open. That was 9 years ago, and soon after I realized I did it for all the wrong reasons and regret doing it.

I had to be 25. By then I had 4 kids and they did it the day after my youngest was born