When could my due date be?

I want to keep this anonymous, but I was just hoping to get some feedback from other mamas. I found out on December 3rd that I am pregnant, and I don’t know how far along I am because my periods are so irregular. Obviously, I’ll find out about how far along I am at my ultrasound appt, but that’s still a few weeks away, and I’m anxious to know my due date, lol. So I had my last period on October 24th, and that would put me at roughly six weeks pregnant, but because I was trying to get pregnant, I took a test on November 23rd because my period should have started by then, and it hadn’t. It was a digital test by the first response, and the result said “YES+” so I got all excited and took another test, just a regular test by the first response, but only one line showed up, and another digital test said “NO-. “ Between then and now, I haven’t had a period, but I tested again on the 3rd of this month bc I was having symptoms of pregnancy, and I got a positive digital and like eight regular positive tests, and I’m feeling pregnant! I have my OB intake this Friday, and they’ll just ask a bunch of questions and take my blood and a urine sample and then schedule my ultrasound for the following week. I guess I just want to know if it’s possible that somehow that digital test on November 23rd could have been accurate even tho the others were negative? If not, then I should only be about four weeks pregnant, I think.


If your periods are irregular, there is really no way for any of us to know. You’ll have to wait for your appt.

August 8th possibly or in august in general.

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There’s no way to know until your appointment. Ask the OB. They can test your hormone levels and go from there.

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I believe the doctor is able to lock down a date for you

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Both times I got a due date ultrasound because mine are irregular too. First time they checked my hgc level and was able to say I was roughly 3 weeks based on the level. Second time they just did a ultrasound and I’m due in May

I couldn’t get a positive until a was about 6 weeks. Thought I was about 3 weeks. But knew I was

False negative are common, false positives are not… that positive was probably right

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If I had to guess, I would say probably July or beginning of August. I conceived my daughter December 13th of last year and my due date was September 8th but moved up to September 2nd because of growth but her stubborn self was stuck so I was induced September 7th and delivered her on the 8th! you’ll for sure have a summer baby!

Your due date might change and not go off of your period if your baby is measuring ahead or behind at your ultrasound. :purple_heart:

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I put it in the pregnancy calculator and it came up with July 31st… so I’m guessing sometime in july… :grin::grin::grin:

I conceived my baby October 24 last year and was due July 18, so two weeks after that

They always did the ultrasound and everything right at my first appt, so I left that day knowing my due date. I also have/had an irregular period. I am 31 weeks with baby #2.

I found out December 1st I was pregnant ultrasound predicted by due date to be August 7th.

Id say you maybe around him that time too. My last period when i was pregnant was around October 26th I believe can’t remember exactly xx

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Just wait for your ultra sound honey. Just take care of yourself and time will fly by. But maybe Aug or sept?


I did home test that was positive but Drs one came up negative. You can get positives then miscarry but if you are still getting positives that’s a good sign. Mine was correct btw…they sent me for a scan and I was only seven weeks!

I got 8 negative pregnancy tests with only 2 positives. I’m 6 months pregnant! Sometimes the tests were wrong. I would get a Clear blue test that estimates your date

i do ultrasounds and the easy calculation is
first day of the LMP + 7 days and minus 3 months (use the next calendar year).
But still note that
the most accurate method is measuring the embryo or the fetus to estimate gestational age by ultrasound biometric s. good luck😃

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Yes, if a digital is pulling up yes, then most likely it’s a yes lol

Your HCG level may have been to low to be picked up. So very possible that the negatives were false which sometimes are common. False positives, aren’t as common. At your intake, they’ll most likely estimate your due date, based off your last period. And then by the time of your first actual appointment and them doing the ultra sound, that date may change. Depending on what the baby measures. Your due date is probably around the end of August to the beginning of September.

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I’m guessing July 30th. I think the first test was right. I also had two negatives and a faint positive when I was pregnant with our twins and finally had a very positive test when I was 8 weeks late.