When did you allow your children to get a pet?

When did you allow your child to get their first pet? What made you come to this decision? My 8 year old has been wanting a kitten but I want to make sure she is ready. What are some things I can tell her about how much of a responsibility it is?


I would just explain all the different things a kitten needs and maybe even take a trip to a supply store and show them everything. But I wouldn’t expect for the child to take care of the kitten by themselves. You should help at least long enough to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to and make sure the kitten is being cared for.


Oh gosh- like 100% her pet and her responsibility? I’d start with a fish… If she can keep the fish alive then you can move to something more complex like a cat. Talk about how you have to feed it, make sure it’s litter box is clean and ready, make sure they know how to use the litter box and as they are learning, she’d be responsible for cleaning messes etc. you have to keep them from escaping outside, make sure they are healthy etc!

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My daughter is 7 and she currently has 18 chickens, 5 ducks, 5 pygmy goats, 4 bunnies, a cat, a bearded dragon, a ball python and 3 fish. Yes they are all her pets and she is required to take care of them which she does. She has had pets her whole life and has been responsible for the ones she asked for since she was old enough. She even cleans our her cats litter box! ( she doesn’t feed the snake. Her daddy does that).

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When they cam show responsibility for other things. Ie…keeping room clean…


My mom literally gave us pet rocks…very little upkeep.


My boys are 7 and 9. We have a dog, a turtle, a gerbil, hermit crabs and several fish. They’ve managed to feed them and clean their tanks/cages pretty good by themselves including bathing the dog. Of course I help out when I need too but all these pets are our family pets which means it’s everyone’s responsibility. :heart:

We got a puppy at 10 months

Don’t go into getting a pet thinking your kid is going to take total responsibility for its care… get a pet only if you are willing to take care of it with her help.


My oldest got her 1st kitten at 3. We have always had pets and she was always wanting to help. When she asked we explained and she loves her kitty and the responsibility. She just doesn’t do the cat box. Otherwise she is happy to feed water and hang out while I clean the box lol.

My 9 year old has a dog, bearded dragon, and a cockteil.

My kids have never not had a dog. My daughters first word was dog. Her first job she rescued a boxer from a kill shelter

We had three cats when our boys were born. We now only have two. The oldest wants a dog, but after explaining what needs to be done he doesn’t so much anymore. lol the youngest will feed the cats now and then but we had these guys before the kids so not expecting them too. They both know when they get a pet they want, they will be taking care of them most of the time.

My one year old has a turtle she watches me feed him everyday

My daughter is five. We got her a kitten back in May. She feeds and waters her. My husband does do the litter box cause we don’t expect her to pick it up to empty it but she will help him refill the box after it’s cleaned.

My 4 year old won a goldfish at the fair last year. Now she has 5 glofish and an algea eater. We had 2 dogs before we had our oldest so they became her babies. She’s such an animal lover. She’d keep a rollie pollie if we let her.

My son is 3 and has a cat. We have 2 of them. He helps with feeding them and brushing. He is very nice to them but my husband and i do the litter boxes and change the gravity water feeder

My daughter had a dog and 2 kittens by 3 years old.

3, he has a cat. He feeds it, gives it water,treats love and affection everyday. I’m stuck cleaning the box :roll_eyes:but I dont want him to do that anyways. :grimacing:He’s now 4 and still takes care of her everyday


We have tons of pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit and fish in the house and chickens outside. My boys are 7, 5 and almost 2. I think if you go in with the mindset that you are the primary care giver to the pet and your daughter is going to help you will be better off. No child even at nine should be the sole care taker of an animal. My boys help; feed, pet them when I cut their claws, we do the dirty work.

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