When did you first feel babies kicks?

I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my second child! When did y’all feel the baby kick in your second pregnancy?


I’m pregnant with my third and it started around 20 weeks or so

An actual kick 22+ weeks

Like 16ish weeks I believe it was

Technically it was my second pregnancy but I was 13 weeks

About 15 weeks for my 2nd, but this time I’m expecting twins and really didn’t feel them until 21 or 22 weeks

20 weeks a few hours after the ultrasound.

I started feeling flutters at about 13 weeks but am 20 weeks now and for the last week or so I can really feel kicks

Pregnant with #3; First fetal movements at 13wks4days…first kick…still waiting on that & 17wks3days now

End of 14 weeks. I’m pregnant right now with my second. It was very light at first but now they are stronger at 16 weeks

I can’t feel exactly kicks but I’m 9 weeks and I can feel flutters and ball ups or whatever

I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my second and felt the first kick around 18 weeks.

24 weeks the kicks really started but felt flutters at 22 weeks

Im on number 3 and I felt flutters at 15 weeks and harder, almost kicks at 17 weeks… number 2 was 5 years ago but from what I remember it was closer to 20 weeks

Like 19weeks with 2nd… my first I felt before that

About 12-14 weeks with both of mine

My second was so laid back that he hardly ever moved. I worried all the time because I barely felt him…and then he came out big and active :laughing:

Flutters at 20 weeks

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12 weeks with #2. Didn’t feel my first until about 17 weeks.

With my daughter 27 weeks, she was way too far on my spine. She didn’t actually come forward until 32 weeks. I have a tilted uterus. I don’t show until 32-36 weeks & before then you’d wouldn’t know I’m pregnant. Heck 1/2 the time I forgot I was because kicks didn’t happen until 27 weeks that I could feel.