When did you get your child a sippy cup?

When did everyone start their kids on a sippy cup and juice??


Right before his first year sippy cup, juice a few months later but not too often

When he showed interest in cups

No juice because of sugars yet but she Sri is water out of a sippy cup and is almost. Year old

Sippy about 4-6 months. Juice at 2

Sippy cup 4 months. Diluted juice at a year and he’s almost three and I still dilute it :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


Sippy cup around 6months he didn’t really get a hang of it till 8months and juice not till a year… well besides when he was constipated we’d give him a syringe of apple juice

Off of bottles by 1 is dentist and pediatrician recommended. Juice is fine if diluted and only maybe 1 sippy with it a day if that. Its not needed. Water is always better. I recommend the 360° cups after they’re use to the sippy to prevent bottle rot and help their teeth grow in properly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All of ours (3) when we started cows milk we started that in a sippy so they wouldn’t think bottle or breast is all milk!

My oldest boy was 4 months old, but all 6 of mine where different ages. But all by age 1

About 6 months no juice just water or milk

8 months she only drinks water she hates juice n milk

11 months for sippy cup, diluted apple juice at 8 months.

About 6 months i started with a sippy but only water mostly or fromula.

Sippy cup at 12 months with whole milk or water

  1. Juice is minimal in this household

No juice here but my son refused a sippy until 10.5 months, he still won’t take a hard top sippy but likes to drink from an actual cup. He just drinks water

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11 months started practicing. Off the bottle completely by about 13-14 months for both my girls.

I introduced a sippy cup to my daughter at 6 months as she hated the bottle so my wic person suggested starting her on a sippy cup sooner then later. Juice I started about that 8 to 9 months due to constipation, it was suggested by a doctor and i dilute it half water half juice and only do 1 cup a day off that then she gets water most of the time. My problem is trying to get her to actually drink 8 oz of milk a day :woman_facepalming:

Bottles at birth, sippy cups at 1, regular cups at 2

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