When did you get your period after having a c-section?

I gotten mine 4&1/2 months

Breastfeeding and it was over a year before i got mine

12 weeks for me. (Non nursing)

I didnt have one for a year after my c section. Everything was back to normal after that.

I did not have mine till 6mo pp

2 weeks for both babies. If you’re breastfeeding, it can delay your period for longer!

My first period overlapped with regular postpartum bleeding, which sucked. I bled for almost 12 weeks straight… but she’s 3.5 months old now and I haven’t had another period yet.

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csection and breastfeeding… got my first about 9 weeks post partum.

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Mine overlapped with my post partum bleeding and bled for about 14 days. But I immediately went back on birth control pills and breastfed for only 6 weeks.

I had a section in sep and it took about 12 weeks to get a period…
Everyone is different if your really worried ask your health visitor or call you gp

I know ppl who didn’t get a period for over a year. It started as soon as they stopped breazt feeding.

I was 6 or 7 months. I EBF though

12 weeks. Then. Surprize pregnant again.

Breastfeeding it took until I stopped .

Non breastfeeding 3 months

3 months later with both of my c sections

I had my first c section, 6th birth in July. I always started at 8 weeks with the first 5(I breastfed all of them). This time I still haven’t had one… And it’s been almost 5 months.
But I had my tubes removed so I know I can’t be pregnant.


I have no idea if this is normal or not after a section or tubal

I got mine at different times. I have had 3 C Sections and 1 natural birth. All my cycles came back after 6 plus weeks

I nursed my daughter for almost 2 yrs and didn’t get a period until she weaned

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It took about 4 months after my c-section I breastfed for a month so I might of delayed it for a while.

I think about 2 months. It’s a while ago but I remember wondering when will I have my period and then it came.