When did you give birth to your third baby

This is the third pregnancy. I lost my mucus plug Monday… I’ve had lots of pressure and back pain… but the baby seems way too comfortable in the womb. I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow due date is the 24… I went to my doc appt today and was only dilated a centimeter Any tips or tricks?

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Not my 3rd but red Raspberry leaf tea worked awesome for my 3rd

I had a scheduled induction at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure

I gave birth at 40 weeks with my first, 38 with my second and third and then 38.5 with my fourth. Get a yoga ball and rotate your hips, evening primrose oil gel capsules up the vagina every night before bed (they’ll help soften your cervix), squats to bring baby lower- those are all what I did. And orgasms lol.

My first and only so far, I lost my mucus plug and had contractions but only a few a day, went waking with my husband up a big hill and that kicked it up a notch but not enough cuz she just wasn’t ready lol I had to be induced

Had her 5 days before my due date

My 3rd came at 32weeks
They’ll come when they’re ready.
Sex may help, along with other things but they’ll only work if LO is ready!

I spent 5 weeks in prodromal labor. Went into the hospital on my due date and was finally at 6cm. They couldn’t let me go…induced I was.

My 3rd was born at 42 weeks. She didn’t want to come so they gave me pitocin 24 hours after my water broke to induce labor because they were worried about infection.

I ate tons of fresh pineapple and walked a lot.

i lost my plug with my first and didn’t have her for over a week after and still needed to be induced… my second i was induced before my due date bc they were worried about his size… third i was induced a week late … my kids do not like to be born

I was dilated to a 5 at 37 wks. Lost bits of plug for 2 weeks, and she wasn’t born until my due date. My first 2 were both born around 38 wks.

I was in slow labour with my second for 2 weeks I went to hospital with pains and they told me I was in slow labour and only 1cm dilated so I had like contractions on and of through those 2 weeks but as soon as my 2aters broke he was her within an hour and 39 minutes

Even if it is just around your house or yard walk walk walk

39 weeks emergency csection

My second and last I was in labor a week in and out bleeding sent home bc i was 36 weeks. Not 37 planned c section and miserable and got tole i had to be 3 cm or 37 weeks t o get it

Lots of walking,and fluids

Lots of walking. It sucks and can be painful but it definitely does help

Acupuncture it’s amazing for helping induce labor. Look for someone in your area that is ABORM certified.

Drink Lots of water and walking