When did you let your daughter shave her legs?

What age did you let your daughter shave their legs? My 9-year-old is a competitive gymnast and is very hairy and has asked if she could shave. I can’t remember when my mom let me do it; what is a normal age?


When it starts bothering her is when you should allow it!


When they notice and feel like they are ready to learn.


I think normal is when it bothers your daughter.


My daughter is extremely hairy also so allowed her to at 9…she was getting very uncomfortable…but i will warn u my daughter did it a couple times now she bored with it and i have to make her keep up with it lol good luck

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When she asks to shave is when would be a good time to teach her

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I started around 8/9 because I was insecure about it. If she feels bad about it I would educate her and let her make the decision.

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I was taught shaving actually made it worse I would wait until puberty, 12 years old.

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I would let her. I don’t see anything wrong with it

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Is there a reason/issue for her to not?

Otherwise, let her! Her friends and otherwise will chat about her. She will feel self-conscious.

There is no real downside?? But, it’s up to the 2 of you…

Now because she’s in charge of her own body, if she asks please let her, more confidence better competing


When they ask, it’s time. But you can also go the waxing route… itll last longer and she won’t have to worry about cutting herself.

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My daughter is 10 but is early development so I let her shave her legs and armpits before school started. She will be 11 in October.

I was “natural” until I was about 16 and I had to wing it myself (girls in the locker room kept talking about it.) Definitely start teaching her young


My daughter started at 10. Because she asked.

Get her an electric razor

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Probably when she notices. Mine is blonde so i really hope she doesnt ask soon (8) bc it usually comes back darker unless thats a myth just what i was always told

Well once my daughter asks me about it then I will regardless of age. I remember my mom didnt let me and i got picked on for it when i was young. So I’m not doing the same to her


I think an electric razor would prob be wise or nair. A bit young. For coordinating

My daughter just asked me the other night and she is 10 years old. She is pretty hairy on her legs so I just told her to think about it for the rest of the week and if she would still like to by the weekend the we will do it :heart:
I had mine done when I was 12.

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