When did you mention your pregnancy?

I am asking Anonymous. About ten weeks pregnant was waiting till the end of my first trimester to post something on Facebook. How early is too early to post. It’s hard keeping secrets from people.


Keep it to yourself until you feel able to announce it

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I told my parents as soon as I found out both times. My friends on the street because they told me to take the test both times lol. Waited till 12 weeks to post on Facebook both pregnancies

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Whenever you are comfortable. I told close friends and family both times as soon as I had a positive test. Announced on FB when we had our first ultra sound both times. It’s whenever YOU want to announce it. I’ve had friends who also announced immediately and some who never did.


Always after second trimester (usually at 14weeks )when the percentage of risks is lowered. This my 5th baby 6th pregnancy and I kept him all to myself til I was 25weeks

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I announced mine at 20 weeks to make sure everything went good before i said anything they say the first trimester is the most critical time after the first trimester your good.to go :grin:

I told immediate family at 9 weeks(moms, dads, siblings ) and everyone else on fb at 12 weeks

12 weeks, get 1st scan done then tell x

Whenever you want too!!! Don’t let others try to dictate when you “should” announce. Hell don’t announce it at all if you don’t want too.


I announced at like 8 weeks, I had been trying for years and was open with my friends and family of my struggle… so I couldn’t hold it in anymore!

My first I was young and announced as soon as I found out at 6 weeks. With my second I waited until around 11 weeks. I had an ultrasound with my first at 6 weeks and with my second at 5w4d

We told everyone once we found of the gender

There is no bad time to tell anyone. Tell anyone when you want too its your pregnancy


I waited until just after Christmas. I think I was like 9 weeks along lol.

I kept it to myself through the first trimester.

I kept it to myself until 12 weeks for Facebook (the scan) told my family at 10 weeks but sworn them to secrecy when it was xx

When you start to show, some show earlier than others. :slight_smile:

I was about 4 months. My family can’t hold water so I knew if I told one person everyone would have known within the hour

I waited until my second trimester with my third, because I knew someone would have something negative to say.

1st i waited until 20 weeks…second waited until 10 weeks