When did you move your child from a bassinet to a crib?

When did you move your baby from a bassinet/playpen to a crib? My son is almost four months old and just wondering when it would be safe to move him into the crib. Thanks!


My daughter was 5 months old when we moved her and she did great.

I moved mine when they could roll both ways. Mine were sitting up at 4 1/2 months

When they start to sit up

It’s safe to move him to the crib right away! Remember the ABCs: place him Alone, on his Back, in the Crib or safe sleep space. There shouldn’t be any blankets, positioners, or bumpers in the crib with him :blush:

Edit to add, my daughter has slept in her crib since day 1 that we brought her home from the hospital.


When they dont fit and move them to another room.

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Mine were in their crib right away

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Birth, as long as there is nothing else in the crib with the baby

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At 6 months he went to his crib in his room. He’s 21 months now and still there till his 2nd bday

5 months once my daughter could roll over

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Never. My daughter was in her crib from day one. So whenever you’re comfortable.

All mine went straight to the crib in their own room

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Once mine slept through the night & then I just followed the ABC rules!

From day one my son was in a crib but in my room.

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My daughter went in her crib in her room at 1 month when my husband went back to work.

Most bassinets have a weight limit

Since day one, my little man has been in the crib in our room. He never really liked the bassinet because he moves around so much.

I moved mine when they started to roll


My kids have all stayed in a small crib in my room until they were about 7 months old or so

My sons bassinet drops down, he’ll be 1 in a month and he still sleeps in there, hates his pack n play, we dont have a lot of space so it works great for us.