When did you start brushing your kids teeth?

When did you start having your little one start brushing there teeth? What did you use? My son has two bottom teeth and he’s 8 months old.


As soon as I saw the tooth I use crest for kids

Brush them. Get him use to it.

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As soon as they got teeth…so now. They sell soft tiny baby tooth brushes. If you dont use a brush right away use a washcloth

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You can brush there gums once teeth start popping out

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I started brushing as soon as my daughter got her first teeth. I used Tom’s training toothpaste because it is fluoride free. Once she was a little older and had more teeth I started using Crest Kids with fluoride. I do have to wipe it out of her mouth every time of course :unamused:

They have beginners toothpaste on the toothpaste aisle…sometimes in the baby department…it’s safe to swallow.

You should start as soon as they get their first tooth, with fluoride baby’s toothpaste.

As soon as first tooth came through and this is what I used…some of them come with a silicone tooth brush which is nice they can just chew on (supervised of course)

As soon as they started getting teeth

I was brushing gums when he started teething. They have a kit for little littles. The toothpaste is strawberry banana and comes with a finger brush.

As soon as he had teeth to brush! At first I just wiped his bottom teeth (his first ones to get) but as soon as he had a few I got him a silicone banana-shaped brush. No toothpaste unless it was training toothpaste. After his first bday his doctor gave us the go ahead to use a smear of fluoride toothpaste. At that point I got a soft-bristled infant toothbrush

As soon as he had teeth. He liked the taste of the tooth paste so it wasn’t to bad.

I keep an extra adult size brush to give the baby to use herself with only water. I use on her a baby size toothbrush with a teeny dab of my toothpaste. I kinda just do it simultaneously.
My girl loves to brush :woman_shrugging:t2:

I started with a wash cloth before they even had teeth. Once they started to come through I used a baby tooth brush and baby tooth paste.

I found some baby training toothpaste at Walmart. I started using that when the doctor put the stuff for teeth on her

My daughter was probably around 6 months… maybe a tad bit younger

They say to start brushing as soon as they get teeth. I have helped my Grandson brush at my house morning and night since his bottom teeth came in. Some of the clearest, best advice I have found - https://www.sproutpediatricdentistry.com/blog/pediatric-dentistry/how-to-brush-my-babys-teeth-oral-hygiene-for-babies/

If you are breastfeeding you should be wiping their gums after feeds, especially before bed. Then brush the teeth they have once they start coming in. Walmart sells baby toothbrush kits. That’s what i used.

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These work great until they start biting your fingers. It gets them used to brushing.