When did you start letting your kids have sleep overs?

When did you allow your children to have sleep overs outside of the house? My daughter is 8 and is wanting a sleep over at her friend from gymnastics house but I don’t know how I feel about it. I have met her parents and talked with them and they seem nice but at the same time, you can’t really know someone so easily these days. Should I let her?


I was like 5 or younger when having sleepovers with cousins.
Friends I was maybe 8 or 9.
I’d Definitely let her. It’s a totally normal age.

When they could talk.

When they are married


I didn’t really play that sleepover nonsense with my kids. Unless it was cousins or family friends I was really close to. I held most of them at my house.

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At cousins and close friends of ours the kids were sleeping over at 3-4 years old. The first time my son had a sleep over at a friends he was 10. He had his cell phone with him and we texted a few times. He also has a “safeword” that he can send and I will know to go fetch him immediately, no questions asked.


I for sure was having them by 1st grade with neighbors and church friends… I was also in Girl Scouts

I’m not allowing it until my son asks he is 4.5 years old and has never been outside the house over night that includes family members

Yes. Make sure she has a way to reach you and tell her if she feels uncomfortable in any way or doesn’t want to be there for whatever reason, that you will come get her, whatever time it is. Be available for the call. Hope she has fun.

I’d get closer with the parents first at that age, my son is 9 and I still wouldn’t let him have a sleepover unless I had a good relationship with the parents.

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I don’t see why not if you talked to the parents a couple times. You could ask to talk to her before she goes to sleep…I’ve done that to make sure everything is going okay. Its today understandable that you’re on the fence about it :slight_smile:

Personally id have to know the parents more before id ever consider it…Family sleep overs is fine but not people you dont really know

I don’t wanna be that guy but my mom was raped and sexually assaulted numerous times at her best friend’s house by the friends dad. She never told anyone because she was scared that she would never get to see her friend again. As someone studying crime and sexual assaults for a living, I can tell you it’s the #1 unreported crime and is dangerous. I personally struggle with the idea of my children going to a friends house for sleepovers. They’ve had tons of sleepers at family house. The worst part is that most sexual related crimes for children happen by family or close friends so it’s actually not that much better. Just food for thought.


6 or 7. I have 5 kids so one more isn’t shit.

Never. I don’t trust anyone with my kids. Too much happens.

have the friend stay with you?

Call me paranoid, but I don’t know if it will ever happen for my kids. Staying late sure, but I really don’t see the point. You never really know what someone is capable of. Even family. Everyone one of my friends that were molested as children it was by someone the parents knew and at sleepovers. Also most of my first sexual experiences involved sleepovers. Just saying think about it

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When they get married

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Sorry I wouldn’t in all honesty none of us ever knows what goes on in other people’s homes :pensive: you don’t know what you are sending your child to! I only let my kids go to sleepovers where I am good friends with the parents.

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Invite them for dinner at your place & let the kids hang out?