When did you start your period after baby?

I had my baby 8 weeks ago, and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Tonight I went to the bathroom and only had some light pink blood when I wiped. Could I be starting my period? When did you other moms start your period again? Was it painful or was it light spotting?


It’s different with everyone. With my first it was just after a couple of months. With my youngest it was 8 months.

Following because I had my baby 3 months ago and breastfeeding and on BC not no period.

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I exclusively breastfeed and haven’t had a period yet. I’m 6 months postpartum. I have light pink spotting once every 2 months (like only spotting once or twice on tp).
I have one friend who breastfed for 3 years and didn’t have a period until she weaned. I also have another friend who exclusively breastfed for a year, but got her period back at 3 months pp.

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I exclusively breastfed my 2 yr old and 1 yr old. With my 2 yr old I had a period right after my pp bleeding stopped (I wasnt on birth control). With my 1 yr old I had no period until she was almost 9 mths old (I was on micronor as well)

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took me a year to get it back. I breastfed for 4 months but I also have PCOS

2 months for all 3 of mine. All were exclusively breastfed.

I didn’t get mine for very least a year with all three of mine almost 3 with my last it will be interesting to see how it will play out with my fourth

With my first my period didn’t start till month 3 after she was born and after baby 2 it was 9 weeks I believe

9 months but I exclusively pumped

Exclusively breastfed all my babies. After first born period started 9 months second born period after 1 month and third born period around 5 or 6 months

I ebf with my oldest. Didnt have any period, and found out I was pregnant again when she was 6 months old. After that I take vitamin c to help jumpstart my periods after each kid.

I am 4 months pp exclusively bf and had my first period at 9 weeks pp

It took about a year for me to get mine back, I was breastfeeding

Breastfed with an extra bottle of formula ( didn’t produce enough). 23 months

14 months post partum

Took about a year to get back to “normal”… I breastfed and would occasionally spit or lightly bleed but nothing like a regular period.

6 months and I was not breastfeeding or pumping

One year before I got my first period after giving birth. No post partum either.

I believe it was 7-8 months, and it was horribly painful. But that isn’t new to me :woman_shrugging: