When did you stop breastfeeding and why?

Mothers who breastfed BEYOND A YEAR, when did you stop and why? My little is 15 months tomorrow and nowhere near self-weaning. We only feed before bedtime and throughout the night. I’ve reached a few points where I was absolutely done but always talk myself out of it


My son stopped at 15 months old only reason he stopped was cause his father (my husband) tried him on a 360 cup to see how he did and that was the end of mommy/son bonding for feeding :rofl:

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My youngest was 2 he could unbutton my top and I finally got my period back. It worked well he was ready so was I

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If you’re done, you’re done. No guilt stop talking yourself out of it. Your body, your choice. Not your childs decision. 15 months is great, don’t be afraid to end a phase of their life.


My oldest was 18 months my youngest was around 2 they just stop when they are ready

I weaned my first 4 months after he turned 2. He had been nursing at bedtime only for a awhile by then. Weaned because I was about 7 weeks pregnant with second baby.

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My little guy self weaned and officially stoped at 2yrs 8m I tried to cut him off at 2 but it didn’t work lol

2 years and 3 years. They both just slowly stopped and lost interest on their own.

With my first son I stopped at 16 or 17 months because I had to get shoulder surgery and had to take oxycodone for pain. He loved his boob but for the fear.of any drug transferring to him. I cut him off.

3 years! Way beyond what I thought we’d do but honestly I was ready to have my body back and she just slowly weaned herself

I nursed for 2 years. I quit because i told myself i didn’t want to go beyond 2 years. If i knew what it was gonna be like after i would have stopped sooner. Sa he sleeps all night so comfortably whereas when i nursed she would wake up easily 5 times a night. Its been better for us both. Only took about 3 days for her to get over it

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I stopped at 15months because I feel like it was time to wean her and most of the times she would use me for a pacifier and would bite me a lot lol so I felt like if was time

My son was 26 months. I just decided it was time and slowly weaned him over 2 months until he stopped trying to nurse. I didnt rush it.

My oldest was 4.
My youngest is 2 and still going.
They’ll stop when they’re ready

Sounds likes your child is self weaning or you’ve started weaning by only giving before bed and night feedings. Start to decrease night feedings either by length of time or omitting a feeding if it hasn’t been 3 or 4hrs since previous feeding. Those night feedings are probably more for comfort than nutrition at this age.
Congratulations for breastfeeding this long!!
My first self weaned at 7 months, way to interested in the world around him. 2nd at a about the same age as your child he slept through the night and loved his special cups. My 3rd I weaned at 2.5 because he was interested in the potty and talking acting so big aside from still breastfeeding.

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My son weaned himself at about 16 months. Just was done. My daughter would’ve never weaned herself ever. She wanted to nurse and didn’t want solid foods. I was completely exhausted. At 20 months I started taking out a feeding a day. Give a couple days to adjust, then another. The last one was the middle of the night one and there was nothing left. She looked up at me with betrayal in her eyes and then didn’t wake up to eat ever again. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I stopped when my youngest was just over a year old. I wanted to go much longer but I got very sick and was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks. I was on heavy antibiotics for over a month. Neither of us was ready and it was so hard!

I let my children choose! My first was 3 1/2 and my second was 5 and they just decided they were done!

My daughter will be 3 in November and she wont stop. I have cut all feedings but she still wakes up at night to nurse. I just want to be done

My daughter self weaned at 19 months as I was 5 months pregnant