When did you stop breastfeeding and why?

Mothers who breastfed BEYOND A YEAR, when did you stop and why? My little is 15 months tomorrow and nowhere near self-weaning. We only feed before bedtime and throughout the night. I’ve reached a few points where I was absolutely done but always talk myself out of it


My “end all be all” was when I realized the negative feelings I had were likely chemically altering the milk I produced. Like, the stress hormone, it was in me and in my milk. I began to think it was “toxic”.

22 months was my cut off, for both kids.

To each their own. No one will grow up to remember what kind of milk their mother fed them.

I continued to cuddle my kids at bed time, and still do, YEARS later.

There are other ways of showing your babies you care about them.

Mine both had full mouths of teeth and had started to bite.

Mommy mental health matters too.

Take care of yourself too momma.

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That’s a very special bond to break. I cried every time I was done. I think when you’re ready your baby will be just fine. But you have to decide when you are ready.

I quit when it was no longer comfortable to me… My daughter was almost 2 my son was almost 3. :woman_shrugging: Each person has there on time line for it.

My children were allergic to my milk and most formulas

Stopped at 18/19 months…I got pregnant… she didn’t like the taste and just stopped

A year w/ first. A week w/second who had to be on soy formula!

I bf all four of my kids for a year each except for the third one who has a heart defect. I bf her for 14mo. She was under weight and my pcp said to keep at it longer for the calories. She sent us to a nutritionist who said that a child that age doesn’t need breast milk any longer and she really needed calories from other sources at that point so we stopped. I personally see certain things as mile stones for my kids and weaning was the first. My kids are all great and well adjusted, normal kids. They all have allergies, are at the low end of the growth curve, stubborn. Seriously, it’s up to you and what you want. Your kid will be fine either way.

My son was 18 months and was not interested in stopping but I myself was done. He spent a weekend away with his Nana which was really hard on us ALL but once it was over he asked a few times to nurse and I just replied no he’s a big boy now and Mommy has no more milk. He did really well. They’ll be fine after a few days just have to stick it out. If you are done then be done, I applaud you lasting 15 months. You got this Mama, best of luck!

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I breast fed both my two younger ones up until before they started preschool so 3 or 4 & potty trained as well. My daughter was easier than my son in both

My youngest was 2 on his 2nd birthday I had just finally said enough I had 3 children back to back and breastfed all of them I was exhausted of it

2 months shy of my sons 3rd birthday. I had a mmc, and mentally I wanted to keep breastfeeding but physically I couldnt

My daughter could never latch properly so I pumped for the first six months and couldn’t keep up with it anymore. All kids are different. You know what’s best for your child and just as importantly yourself.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Breastfed for 2 years, felt like the right time for us, so no weaning required, as he was already enjoying other milk and food by then. Win-win situation :raised_hands:

I stopped when my son was 2…I didn’t even think about it really…just stopped.

2years and he was biting too much

when he bit me, hurt like hell, so no more breast feeding. Expressed, and he took to the bottle right away. He was about 5 months old, little tyke.:two_hearts::crazy_face:

My first fed until she was six months old had to stop cause for some reason i dried up, second was for two days when a nurse at the hospital gave him a bottle because i was showering and he never took back to it. My third i just didnt make enough so she had it for a couple weeks supplementing with formula then she just stopped wanting breastmilk.