When did you stop gaining weight in pregnancy?

So when did you stop gaining weight in your pregnancy? Just this is baby #4, and I have not seen any weight gain the last three weeks and lost a pound. Is this concern for alarm. I don’t want to call my doctor for something this dumb, but with the rest, I gained until the very last day. I’m 3 weeks away from the due date


You should gain toll the last day. Call your doctor.

You are ready for delivery… any day now :hugs: my #5 was like that barely gained any weight lost a few … she’s the healthiest…:pray: hopefully everything is good

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I was the same way and found out I had preeclampsia.

Well, I had my last child 30 years ago, and STILL putting on pregnancy weight…
So, 30+ years :grin:

I lost 15lbs(at most) in my first trimester, gained 5-10lbs in my 2nd and then a full 35lbs in the last trimester, every pregnancy is different but it’s typical. If you’re worried ask at your next check-up

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Every pregnancy is different. I only gained 15lbs my entire 31weeks pregnancy. Makes a difference how much you weigh in the beginning as well. Bigger women generally don’t gain as much vs skinny women. You’re close to the end with no issues thus far, you’re probably fine.

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I gained right up until the morning I went into labor!

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I’m almost 4 weeks till due date I haven’t been gaining weight ive actually lost a pound too. My doctor currently doesn’t wait me to gain more weight bc GD. If its a real concern of yours id talk to your doctor.

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My second pregnancy I lost 22 pounds. four pounds being over Thanksgiving… I actually have gained more weight after having my kids then while I did pregnant. My doctor was not concerned because the baby was growing…

I’m with my first pregnancy and I’m losing weight. My doctor isn’t all that concerned because my baby is doing fine

With my daughter I lost 48 pounds and she was healthy as can be. With this princess I’ve so far lost about 30, I’m almost 37 weeks. And they say she looks great.

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I think this is typical for end of pregnancy. I would bet you will have this baby before 3 weeks.

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As long as baby is still growing, your not gaining shouldn’t be much of a concern. It just means most of it is going to baby.

I urge you to look up the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan…healthy for all, and such support!

It depends on what you weighed at the start and your body. With all 3 of my pregnancies I lost weight and then plateaued

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I gained 24lbs with my first and 8lbs with my second. Was high risk 2nd pregnancy but wasn’t related to weight gain. My dr had told me 15-25lbs is Average. :woman_shrugging:

I lost weight with both of my babies , i weighed 165 when i got pregnant and weighed 135 at 9 months

I gained until week 26 then lost 5lbs between then and 30 weeks. Just had my 32wk appointment and i gained the 5 back plus 3 more… all just depends on your pregnancy :+1:

Lost weight until into my second trimester then gained weight until I gave birth