When did you switch your child from a crib to a toddler bed?

I have a question; my son is 2.5yrs old and seems to love his crib. He has never tried to climb out. But I am wondering how you know when they are ready for a big boy bed ? He has been waking in the night often … I blamed that on potty training for a while but now he’s ending up in our bed to go back to sleep. This is out of the norm for him, I have tried to co-sleep with him, and he just wouldn’t go to sleep in our bed. Is he may be uncomfortable in the crib and need s something bigger? He is very tall for his age!


Just recently switched my daughter because she was climbing out. She’s a little older than 2.5. I was anxious and worried but she stays in it fine and is a lot happier about bed time

I swapped when we started potty training, just so she knew she could get up on her own to go in the middle of the night. She was 2 at the time. She’ll be 3 on monday. :sob: has never had an accident in her bed.

My son was a little over 3 when I switched him. He slept like a champ and never climbed out of the crib on his own so I didn’t see any point in disrupting that. He’s 4.5 now and getting too long for the bed so ill be getting him a mattress for his full size conversion bed for Christmas.

Depends on the child. My son came out at 9 months because he was climbing out. My daughter was 3.5 because she just loved her crib I finally took her out only because she was getting too big. LOL

I switched my daughters as soon she climbed out and fell which was about 14 months. I wasn’t going to risk get hurting herself again no chance

I would get the bed, but leave the crib also. you will know when it is time to take the crib…I hope this helps.

Switched my daughter when she was 2 and 2 months

Try going with a twin size bed with the side rails on both sides, may make him feel like a crib all my girls I had in a big girl bed by 1

Mine is 3.8 and have just removed sides from cot. If it works don’t change it because everyone else does. :blush:

At 2.5, we took the front off of the crib and put up a guardrail. We had a climber. It works for now. When she gets too long, we will get her a twin bed.

Girls are easier with potty then some boys.

About a year and a half. I then put him in a proper single bed at 2.

I moved my son out of his cot just after he’s 2nd birthday. He started climbing out but, he is also tall and when he moved in he’s sleep you can hear him hitting the cot bars.

My sons had no sides on his cot since he was just over a year old cause he wouldn’t stop climbing out, went straight to a single bed at 2.5 and skipped the toddler bed altogether and and he’s been sleeping fine. Goes down 7:30pm, takes 30 mins to get him to sleep then he’s up around 5:45-6am

Don’t Co sleep! My daughter was 11 before she went back to her bed.

We switched both kids at 2 years old. They probably couldn’t have lasted longer in the crib but I didn’t want to prolong it. They both loved their new found freedom of getting up but they settled after the new-ness wore off.

I swapped at 13 months. My daughter hated her crib and she showed interest in sleeping on her just her crib mattress during her nap time. It took about a week to switch her and she loves her bed

whenever they are ready you’ll know. my daughter was about 2. we just put my boyfriends son who is 2 in a toddler bed so we could get him used to it before we have our newborn and shes old enough for a crib

I switched my youngest daughter the week of her second birthday. We made it a pretty big deal and she loves going to her “big girl bed” she does get up in the night once and awhile, we can here her in the playing, but has never tried to leave her room, and she will put herself back to bed. Works pretty good for this graveyard working mamma so I can get a little nap in the morning when I get home