When did you transistion your child from a crib to a toddler bed?

When did you transition your toddler from a crib to a toddler bed? My toddler hasn’t try escaping her crib yet, but I have a fear that she is going to climb out of her crib and hurt herself. I am also worried about putting her in a toddler bed and her leaving her room at night. What should I do?


People if you don’t like my response please scroll past it … I put my kids in a toddler bed very younge about 1 year maybe a tad bit older. But it kept them from jumping in a crib climbing out and biting the rails. Both never fell out of their big kid beds and both have done amazing. I nipped the climbing in the butt before it ever happened.


We put a baby gate up at the door

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Both my boys crawled out of their cribs, that’s when I knew it was time for big boy beds. They never hurt themselves, it’s like instinct for them lol. If shes ready, take her with you to pick out her bed. You may have a way easier time with her staying in it if she picks it out

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My eldest got a toddler bed at 2 and it takes some rough nights but he got the handle on sleeping in it and not getting up

My son turned 2 in March, I bought him a toddler bed for my room because I also didn’t trust him in one in his own room. He does really good with it.

My son wasn’t an escape artist, but rather he was potty trained at 2 and needed to be able to run to the bathroom.
My daughter was in a crib until just before 3 and that was because she would climb out.

I went to a twin bed and skip the toddler bed. At first I gated the bedroom door but he climbed it and escaped the house so I eventually turned his door knob around and locked him in. Then he started to turn his lights on and play I found him sitting in his top dresser drawer tossing out his clothes so then I had to reach up and unscrew his lightbulb Welcome to toddlerhood. FYI this was all before he was 2

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My daughter was a year and half when we put her in a toddler bed. We didn’t plan too so soon but we found out we’re having another baby and wanted to use the same crib. Toddler beds are cheaper than cribs. Her toys are in her room and she is really good about staying in her bed and in her room! I still have a baby monitor in her room just in case!

My daughter learned to climb out of her bed once she started walking, it wasn’t as scary for me because her crib was right next to my bed and that was what she landed on but I changed it to a toddler bed when she was about 2 months shy of being 2years old because we moved and it was convenient. Likewise my sister is 5 months younger and my mom barely changed her bed about 3 months ago after she turned 3 years old, she never learned to climb out of her crib but my daughter tried teaching her, she climbed in and out of that one too, absolutely scary for us, I think that when your ready you’ll change it.

You can transfer them to a toddler bed safely at 15 months old :slightly_smiling_face:

An adult mattress like town beds or queen size beds are not safe until 2 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

When they started trying to climb over the side. :sweat_smile:

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My girl was climbing out of her crib right needle she turned 1. Was in a toddler bed after that and she is almost 3, just set up her twin bed in her room she sleeps alone in there. Get yourself a good camera monitor to ease your mind about what your babe is up to

Mine stayed in the crib until they could climb out. Which was about 2.5 for us.

My son got out of his crib during a nap and we immediately went out and got a toddler bed. I was crazy nervous that first night but he did amazing. Never once had any problems

Switched my daughter at 1.5 years old, when she started climbing out and it was such an easy transition for her. No getting out of bed, she just lays down and goes to sleep. I was prepared for the worst thlugh

I moved mine when he started to climb out of his crib

I got my exceptionally tall (her father is 6’5) 1 year old climber a crib tent. Its amazing, she cant escape. Her crib is a 3 in one toddler and full size frame and I plan in letting her have the toddler bed when she starts potty training.

18m. Then right before she turned 2 she went to bottom bunk to share a room with her sister. She did great!