When did your babies go head down?

When did your babies flip to head down? I’m almost 31 weeks and lil guy is still head up


Since I was 8 weeks he’s been head down​:blush: he’s been ready to come out and be with his family since the beginning​:heartpulse::innocent::innocent::innocent:

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About 2 days before I gave birth to her

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They had to manually turn one of mine, so yeaaaaa, you don’t want to ask me… :joy::joy:

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Mine flipped at 33 weeks

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Current pregnancy since 20 weeks and we almost to 34 weeks, 1st and 2nd… they both flipped position a bunch but were eventually head down when it mattered the most.

They can wait until labor before flipping, so I wouldn’t worry. Mine usually flipped a few weeks before I gave birth.

My cousin’s flipped the day before. They were talking c section and next day she flipped and day after she went in labor.

My girls were head down right away… my son was breech and the doctor always said “he will turn when he’s ready” and nope I had a c section

Mine flipped at 37 weeks.

Jessica Howe here’s some important advice!

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Mine were head down from the beginning an stayed that way

My last one didnt stop kicking or move into head down position until i was in established labour

I’m 28 weeks and my little guy has been head down for about 2 weeks now…that’s not saying he want turn back around lol

My son was head down from the start

They can flip even during labor

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Mine were head down from the beginning until the end.

I felt it happen and it was the craziest thing ever. I felt her flip and get comfy. It was sometime in March cause we hadn’t moved out of his gmas yet. It was crazyyyyy.


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Maybe ask your doctor :wink: