When did your baby start rolling over?

My daughter is 4 months old and isn’t rolling over yet! Not sure if I should be worried or not!!

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Mine is 5 months and only rolls on his side. They will get there when they are ready

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Honestly mama the ages for reaching milestones is only an estimation. Don’t worry. All babies move at their own pace. I wouldn’t worry unless your pediatrician feels like there’s something wrong. Keep doing tummy time.

All 4 of mine rolled off something between 6& 8 weeks. Sofa bed ottoman …,

I had this with a few of my kids I just got told more tummy time to strengthen their backs

Don’t worry all babies are different place things on floor bright colors. And things she loves

Don’t go by the milestone book, it’s not for all kids. My daughter rolled over at 3 months but couldn’t crawl until 9 months and walk at 10 months. Just do tummy time with toys and a mirror and it will help strengthen the arms.

Mine didn’t roll over till about 8 months. We took him to baby physio to see if something was wrong and they just said he was lazy and he didn’t want to roll over. They said to make it fun for him so we set up quilts on the couch and rolled him onto the floor. He loved it and started rolling over shortly after

My daughters didn’t roll until 4 and 5 months. My son who is 14 weeks has been rolling since 8 weeks but he is super chunky (16 lbs) and I think his weight helps. All babies are different.

Mine starting rolling over at seven months. All babies are different. Tummy time helps.

You can help her discover how to roll over & do exercises with her … My daughter is 6 months & when she was a new born she was a strong baby so I would put her on my chest & help her use her feet to push herself up . Then when she got tummy time I would do the same thing one foot at a time , now she’s kinda all over the place

Your baby will develop as he/she was meant to. I worried all the time about my youngest as she seemed delayed. She didnt start walking until 16 months old. Her pediatrician wasnt concerned. She kept telling me to stop comparing her to other babies and let her grow and develop in her own time. She is almost 7 now. Be patient momma. She’ll be fine!

Don’t measure your baby against others. If your doctor tells you to worry, get a second opinion, and if that one is worried, then worry. Lol.

3 kids and all did things at different stages. For example, my son never crawled, he just scooched and rolled everywhere, and just got up and walked, my daughter crawled for what felt like an eternity.

You’ll drive yourself crazy if you compare.

My daughter never actually rolled over until 8-9 months old. But she sat up between 5-6 months. All babies are different!

I think he rolled one way at 4 months 2 ways by 5-6ish months

All three of my daughters were vastly different. My youngest (four months) hasn’t rolled over yet exactly, but she can get on her side. She’s getting there! Don’t pressure them to grow up too fast or fret if they’re slower than the text books and mom blogs say they should be.

Mine was between 4 to 6 month

Have a read up on baby milestones for indications. But do remember all babies are different and if you’re worried contact your health visitor xx

No worries Momma!! You got a bunch of awesome, positive, REAL advice here!! You cannot compare how “normal” a child is or compare their milestones to any other baby. As many awesome moms replied, all kids grow at different rates. On top of that, the normal range is just that- a range. And most pediatricians go off of percentiles, which broadens that range. My daughter came out supporting her head in a sitting position & turning towards voices right after she was born, was born with a full head of hair & 4 teeth, & could literally belly crawl the length of our sectional at 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks old (she was a month overdue) Last, but not least, not every baby hits every milestone - One of my grandkids skipped the whole crawling stage entirely! She hit all the “normal” milestones, but gave up after the squirming, wiggling, belly scooting to walking! She had no interest in crawling!