When did your child grow out of their wheat allergy?

Has anyone had an infant/ toddler with a wheat allergy? How’d you find out? Did they ever outgrow it? And how hard was it to find foods? My seven month old broke out in hives after eating sweet potato puffs. Dr suggested taking sweet potatoes and puffs both out of his diet then introducing them back one at a time. He had sweet potatoes and did fine. He ate the puffs and broke back out into hives days after his initial hives went away. The only ingredients in there that aren’t common with other foods he’s done fine with is Wheat flour and something else from wheat.

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We’re they regular puffs or sweet potato puffs?

My son has a peant allergy and he had a dairy allergy around that age he did outgrow his dairy allergy but not the peanut we had to see an allergist

A full blown wheat allergy is celiac disease. A blood test tells you the level of sensitivity but a biopsy makes the official diagnosis. Celiac disease can affect many facets of health and growth so it needs to be properly diagnosed and strictly avoided.

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fortunately it is very easy these days to find gluten free foods–natural food stores and even most major supermarkets

My daughter was about 18 months when we noticed her reacting to gluten in general so we eliminated all gluten. Saw an improvement within days. Was about a year when we introduced gluten again and she has been fine since. She is now 6 with no allergies