When did your child outgrow the picky eater stage?

My daughter used to eat everything we put on her plate. Ever since 15 months, though, she won’t eat meat or vegetables. I understand this is normal and kids can outgrow this stage, but this is 9 months later, and she still won’t. We’re both working parents and can’t just puree the food, so that isn’t an option. When did your child outgrow this stage?


My daughter is 9 and still picky. Get used to it, lol.

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Mine is 12 and still awful. Good luck :rofl:

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My grandaughter will be 4 next month and it still hasnt gotten any better its awful if anyone around her has a plate of food she gaggs lol good luck they keep telling me to be patient she will come around

My 2.5 year old won’t even eat Mac n cheese or chicken nuggets. :roll_eyes: he hates everything.

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Im 26 and still picky. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My daugther is 7 an had been lien it since she was 16 months but I now know what she likes an done an my son is 2 an is just the same picky

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She didnt.she is still picky

They outgrow it???!:rofl:

Kids are picky as long as you let them. They will get hungry and eat what you make them. I always lety daughter have her picky days on Sundays. And it’s worked for us otherwise she eats what I make. Sundays are her free days.


It comes and goes throughout childhood.

I don’t think they all do. My husband is 33 and is the pickiest eater in the house!

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I swear they never outgrow this stage. Especially my daughter. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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My daughter was about 3 and stopped eating red meat. She didn’t start eating red meat until she was around 12. She still prefers chicken over read meat. And she is going to be 27

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I’m 26 & still picky lol

I’m 27 and still picky

Parent of 30 years 3 grown on thier own, Iam going to have to agree with Kristina Rumph, what you allow, is what will continue. There are foods that kids genuinely dont like and I would never force a kid to eat Brussel sprouts, Liver w Onions ect. It’s been my experience that if a child is being accommodated at EVERY meal without ever picking up the fork, they will LEARN to pick up the fork when the Parent STOPS accommodating to the behavior. A night or 2 of ,Sorry kiddo that’s dinner, No dessert, No snacks if you dont eat dinner AND STICK TO IT, you will see difference in what’s left on the plate. My eldest son was cooked carrots (texture not taste)
My eldest daughter cheese of any kind
My youngest daughter Eggs . They are all grown now, and STILL wont touch cooked carrots cheese or eggs.

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Kids have different personalities. My oldest (4 years) used to be more open minded but now she only wants the “kids foods” like PBJ, Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. She will eat pretty much any and all fruit though. My younger one (2 years) will eat or try just about anything you put on her plate.

My daughter is almost 7, still wont touch meat and veggies. Sooo never :grimacing:

My oldest is about to turn 3 and we are still having issues but it’s slowly getting better just keep working on it