When did your child start speaking clearly?

Question at what age did your toddlers start speaking clearly instead of baby gibberish? My son is almost 20 months and while he says quite a few words and knows what things are when asked or told something. He knows where his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, feet, hands, and belly button area when asked. I just worry about him not really talking or using the words he knows if that makes sense.


My daughter is 19 months and would still rather use gibberish than use actual words. Her pediatrician says as long as she is able to say actual words she is doing fine!

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My boys didn’t talk as good as my girls do/did. At the same age groups.

My 15 month old daughter can put two words together. But I wouldn’t worry too much bc the words he’s saying you can understand.

Bring it up at his 2 year physical. 4 months makes a huge difference in vocabulary.

about 3 years old. he spoke words mixed with jibberish, everyone develops differently. he didn’t speak perfect sentences until he was 6 :pensive: now he’s 7 and says big words clearly

My boys don’t speak clearly as teens (15 & 14)… Lol. My 2.5 year old has been talking clearer than all my kids (he’s#6) at his age and says long sentences, like has a conversation… And had been since about 14 mos… Every kid is truly different

As a toddler teacher it is perfectly normal for your child to be at that level most are. just keep working on language

My son is about to be 3 in a couple weeks and speaks good but cannot pronounce some letters and sounds so sometimes somethings are hard to understand and sounds like gibberish, he will get there though

Every child is different, talk to them as you would talk to another adult, too many “baby talk” to their babies then complain because their babies only “baby talk” when they start talking, also reading to your child helps them learn language. I used to talk to my kids while doing dishes describing what I was doing, same with folding clothes every thing the more language they hear the more they learn.

3 I have twins they had tubes put in their ears at 2. Ear problems run in my family. Got that cleared up and the words started flowing lol

Depends the child. My eldest was about 2.5yo when she started really talking. My current 20mo uses three word sentences and stuff, but still mostly uses gibberish.

Our pediatrician’s goal at 24 months was 10-20 words. I’m sure your child is fine, but contact the pediatrician if you’re concerned.

My daughter is 2 (turned 2 in August) and is a motor mouth can’t shut her up. Can have full conversations with her lol

My great grandson only spoke a few words at that ago,but he is 2 1/2 now and says almost everything.just give it time, he will be fine

My daughter who is 10 now didn’t start speaking clearly until 3-ish, and she’s very intelligent. My son turns 2 the end of next month and he has a very extensive vocabulary but I wouldn’t say he’s speaking clearly. His vocabulary is more advanced than I’d say my daughter’s was at this age but there’s still only a few words he says very clearly. In example please is still “peaze,” more is “moe,” thank you is “tanks you,” i love you is “lab ew.” Its absolutely normal for them to have their own vocabulary at this point, but its a fantastic sign for them to consistently use those phrases, even if they aren’t exact, because it shows they are associating those sounds with that object or feeling. They have plenty of time to learn exact pronunciations as they get older.

Your baby is still very little. Be proud of what they are saying, and just respond to them as if they said it perfectly. If your tot says “peaze” you say “oh, thank you for saying please… yes, you may.” They’ll correct themselves in due time, but for now you know what they’re saying. When you get gibberish, you say “I’m sorry, hunny, I don’t know what your asking for. Can you show me?” and you’ll start picking up on what sounds they are associating with things.

I wouldn’t get concerned at this age by any means. Sounds like you have a very intelligent baby on your hands for having the vocabulary they already have at just a bit over a year and a half.

A little over 2 years old.

Our 2 1/2 year old jst started forming understandable sentences this past week or so!!! Like instead of “ watchin” he’ll say I’m watching tv now!!

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A few words at that age is perfectly normal. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor, but it sounds like you have nothing to worry about.

My daughter spoke at 6 months and well sentences by 1.

My son will be 3 and can only say a few words.

Just wait a smidge. It comes out of no where. Mine was that way around that time. Now shes…(doin math)…28months and she just goes on and on…majority of it is clear as day. Some are still a bit weird(certain letters she struggles with) but it happens. They learn so quickly. Hell she said " fire truck" in her sleep last night and I didnt know she knew that word or what it was lol

Does he have an older sibling? Our son didn’t really start talking until he was 3-4ish because his sister would talk for him and the Dr said that’s why. He knew he didn’t have to because she does it for him so we had to put a stop to that very fast. They are now 12 and 14 yrs old and she still tries to talk for/over him. It’s a constant battle :crazy_face:

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