When did your child start speaking clearly?

As long as hes understanding commands I wouldn’t worry some kids take longer to talk than others if in doubt check with your pediatrician Im sure they can advise you the best

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Nothing to worry about. My grandson hardly said mommy at 20 months. Now at 2+ years old he says complete 4 or 5 word sentences. He went from not talking at all to sentence. All kids are different but your son is not unusual.

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My daughter is 3 and still talks like a caveman lol. YouTube “Busy Beavers” phonics songs will help with his vocabulary


My oldest was around a year old. My twins however, had each other to talk to so didn’t talk to the rest if us except hit and miss. But when they did, around 2 years, they went from one word hit and miss into full on paragraphs and non stop too! So be careful if what you wish for. Ha ha But seriously, as long as they are responding to you and can comprehend ears, nose,… ect. Then that means they hear you fine, and understand what you are saying, but every kid is different, but they all are at their own speed, relax the words will flow…

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My grandson started at year old kbew count and abcs but my children were little later every child is different cant really go by other children

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They come at their own time. .dont worry …I can see differences in both of my children. But both did and are doing great at their own pace. :heart::heart::heart:


My daughter was speaking full sentences at 14 months (she was impatient). Her younger brother didn’t until he was almost 3 (probably cause he couldn’t get a word in with his sister constantly talking!). She still does and they are 21 & 19 now!! Don’t worry. He’ll find his voice when he’s ready.

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My son will be 3 in April… But the last 2 months he has been talking so much… Give it time… Before you know it you’ll have to watch EVERYTHING you say … Good luck Mama :heart:

My son spoke ALOT at that age and he was advanced. But, my 21 month old daughter only speaks about 10 words and our pediatrician isn’t concerned.

Each kid is different, my first (girl) spoke perfect by 1. My second (boy) didn’t fully speak till after 2. They are still learning and will do it at their own pace, no worries needed at that age.

My son will be 4 in March and didn’t start talking until about 6-7 months ago. He has been tested for everything and come to find out he is just stubborn lol We’ve been working with a speech therapist for about a year but honestly, the thing that worked the best was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loved it! Also, YouTube kids. He knows all the normal shapes including star and heart, can not only sing the ABC’s but will see a word and can tell you what the letters are, AND can count to 30. His new obsession is the ABC Phonics song and will go around saying it to whatever letters he sees (A is for apple: ah ah ah apple, etc.).
Every child is different and will speak in their own time :blush:

My 1st was walking and talking at 9 months. My second is 20 months, does the same as yours and doesn’t say anything except momom and dada and point, she uses her older sister to tell us what she wants. Each child’s development is different, unless your seriously concerned, leave them be to learn, they’ll pick it up in no time :slight_smile:

20 months. I think you’re expecting to much from such a small child. Lower your expectations. He is still a baby and learning.


My oldest had a vocabulary of more than 100 words at 18 months. The doctor said that was quite unusual.

Depends on the child. What you are experiencing seems to be within the vast range of typical.

At 2.5 my son just started speaking sentences one day out of no where. He will be 3 next month and sometimes still has the gibberish if hes talking to fast or excited

My son didn’t really “talk” until almost 2. Even now he still jabbers but I can understand him a WHOLE lot better. Itll happen keep talking to him he will eventually pick up on it (:

My youngest is 2 and we still have to guess at what he says or make her shoe us what she is trying to talk about

Every child develops and progresses at thier own pace!!!

My daughter turned two in August and she’s a chatter box. Just give it some time.