When did your child start speaking clearly?

Sometimes first born kids don’t speak right away because they’re not around others to really learn. Talk normally to him & let him watch videos! My first started talking & knowing so much once i started to let her watch videos on YouTube. My second is so smart & talks complete sentences at 25 months

Daughter: 18 months
Son: a little after 3 years

Usually about 2 1/2 to 3 most people could understand my children. It all depends on how much you talk to them. If adults around them are non talkative or talkative. Moms can usually tell what they are saying at an earlier age because they are around them. But main thing is do not force them to constantly correct their words or make fun it could lead to stuttering.

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All of my kids spoke at different times. If he understands people when they talk and has a vocabulary of words he uses, he should be fine. An early childhood educator or his doctor can tell you when it’s not normal. My youngest was only using four words at an advanced stage so she went for speech therapy for a while. Now it’s hard to get her to stop talking!

2 - 3 years of age. However, you MUST insist your child speak plainly and clearly when asking for things or do not give it to him or her. My youngest did that but I stopped it right away and when he didn’t speak plainly or clearly.

I don’t think you should go by what others say as all children are different. An example of this is my 1st born who is now 23 years old never wanted to talk when he was little, it took him till half way through yr 3 at school before he started talking much, before that he would stick his hand in his mouth if anyone spoke to him, just so he didn’t have to talk. He was soooo shy!
My 2nd child (now 21) was a chatter box from a very early age and my 3rd (19yrs) had a terrible time trying to talk, he had speech therapy and all sorts to help him and still to this day his speech isn’t fluent. All 3 are very quiet talkers. My biggest tip I can give, is try not to speak for him/her

Maybe you should say I will give you what you want but you need to ask for the item also have you had his or her hearing checked it could be that they remember certain words and not learning other words

Depends on the child and circumstances. Our youngest couldn’t ever get a word in because her brother constantly spoke on her behalf. Be sure you are reading to him daily.

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between 2 and 3 yrs old

Every child is different. I’m sure it’s fine!

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Well my daughter was about 2 .5 years old to clearly understand her my son however hes 9 and at times we can’t understand him. It honestly depends on the child themselves.

You can arrange for an evaluation through your state 's early childhood education program. Both my grandsons are late to talk clearly. The older one had an under developed jaw muscle. I talked within normal limits. Their grandfather is very bright, but developmentally was all over the map.

By the time they start kindergarten you will never be able to tell when they we potty trained, started to walk or talk

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Relax mom. The words will gradually come at first & then you will be surprised what words will come. Then suddenly they will be having conversations with you.

Might just be a lazy talker lol. However…

I had a similar issue as well as a few other mamas I know. My son is in ABA therapy for behaviors and also helps with talking and hes in speech.

Both are amazing. If you have a feeling, go with it a.d ask for an evaluation.

If there is a delay its better to sort it out as early as possible.