When did your child start to understand Christmas?

When did your babies start to understand Christmas? My toddler will be 3 in March and she doesn’t understand- doesn’t surprise me at all. I LIVE for Christmas and look forward to seeing her be excited about it as well. Do y’all think she’ll understand a little more next year?


My daughter was 3 1/2 this year for Christmas, she was very excited and understood everything. She was so excited she thought Santa was bringing more gifts today :rofl: next year it will probably be very different and you will get to see your daughter’s excitement!

My little guy turned 4 last week, I still had to remind him that it was Christmas. He was excited to presents once he realized he was allowed to open them :joy::joy:

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Next year she will. Ours will be 4 in May and loved it this year

My daughter has asked about Santa a few times definitely was more into presents this year but not hyped up about Santa or talked about Christmas hopefully next year she will be more into Santa. She’s 3 now

My sons four & this is the first year he was really excited about it. Probably next year!

Mine is 4 in a couple days and this year was my favorite for christmas with him so far!

My daughter is 3 and she was so much more fun this year with Santa. My son (5) enjoyed it more because he had someone to be excited with that actually understood the concept.

My son turned 3 beginning of November he didnt understand it really but next year im sure he will no doubt be excited :blush:

My children genuinely understood around age 4, my nearly 6 year old has autism and still doesn’t understand Christmas, I think it depends on the child and their development X

Y daughter will be 5 in February and she just really understood this year I felt.she knew who santa was before . But this year she knew she had to be asleep for him to come and the concept of Christmas Eve and everything.

My daughter just turned 3 and understands it very well. But I also think that has a lot to do with having older siblings!

3 years old was the first my daughter understood Santa Claus and the cookies and milk and all the presents. This year (she’s 4) and she was really excited and remembered. Every kid is different though and progresses differently with their level of understanding

Mine understood at 2 but it’s her third Christmas and we watched TV shows about Christmas and baby shoes with Santa in it. Needless to say she loves santa. She also has 3 older siblings so they helped out alot

Sometimes you have to teach them to be excited. My son wasn’t happy about birthday presents until our neighbor showed him how to be excited about it. Unfortunately he learned to be a grumpus about celebrations from his dad, and still is a bit that way.

My son will be 3 in 2 days and this was the first year he was excited about Christmas. He understood that Santa was coming and was excited for it. He loved the Christmas lights and decorations and making cookies for Santa. This was the best year yet!

Almost 3 1/2 and he got it this year. He was counting sleeps, excited for presents… just thrilled about every aspect.

Last year he figured out how to open presents, but that was about it.

My 4 year old granddaughter fix to be 5 next month was really into the elf on a shelf that seems to help her understand a lil better the elf would live lil notes from him and santa

My son start to understand at 4. This year he is 5 and it was so much better than last year. The excitement level was higher.

Our 2 year old understood Santa and Hohoho and merry Christmas, but I don’t think he understand the entire picture. He was excited when people talked about it with him and when we told him what would happen, but I’m not 100% sure he understood the big picture. It was 100% better though than when he was 1!