When did your child start walking?

My son just turned 15 months old and he’s behind on his walking. His doctor said he should be walking by now. He can take 2 to 3 steps by himself and stand by himself but he won’t stand up unless he’s holding onto something. What is some things I can do to get him walking?


Go back to your doctor and have them give you a referral to a specialist. If the doctor was concerned then they should do something to help and give you suggestions.


My son was 18 months.
Daughter was 8.5 months.
Every child is different


Walk with him. Hold his hands and walk around with him. Put his feet on yours and do little baby steps for him.

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11 months. He will be fine. Children develop at different speeds

My daughter had muscle weakness and didn’t walk until 29 months. She still gets physical therapy and doesn’t walk or run like any other 7 year old. I would ask to see a specialist.

One of my children was 15 months when he started walking. He was a chunky baby, and my doctor wasn’t concerned. Once he started, he was all over the place!

Every baby is different ny oldest walked at 9 mo. And I have a 6mo

Only child started walking perfect at 10 months .

My daughter started at 15 months. Every kid is different.

Get a truck he can hold onto while he walks so he can push it along x

10 months ( all 4 of them). If he can take steps he can walk. I flipped my clothes basket upside down and mine pushed it around also let him hold your finger.

This happened to my friend’s daughter and their doctor told them to take off all the cushions on the couch and literally make their apartment easily accessible for the child to pull themselves up on anything and yes a walking tool will help

Both girls at 9 months 3 weeks

My daughter was 18 months. She was pure lazy😂 my son was 8 months. They’ll get there when they are ready x

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My son started walking just before 10 months.

Both of mine were 10 months, they had a walk behind toy that they loved and this helped them.

Mine was 17 months by the time she could actually walk walk, every kid is different :heart:


My daughter was walking at 9 months, my son was 11 months.

My first walked at 15 months, my second was 20 months. Now they’re 12 and 8 years old… both are just fine!