When did your child stop believing in santa?

What age did your kids quit believing in Santa Clause? My 9-year-old son still believes. (He’ll be 10 in December). I thought maybe he was getting suspicious of it, but I could tell by a comment he made today that he totally still believes. I know of at least one of his close friends that no longer believes. I’m not sure about his others. I don’t want to ruin it for him, but I don’t want him to get made fun of. Not only because of the obvious, but if that was to happen, I’m afraid he would be mad at me for not telling him the truth.


11 year old here, and he commented the other day about something Santa related and he still believes. He asks occasionally and I’ve always said that it’s ok to believe, as everyone is allowed to believe in different things. But he still always says “OK I will put this toy on my Christmas list for you”, so maybe on some level he knows :wink:

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My 8 year old granddaughter that lives with us stopped believing this year because she had a friend tell her over and over that Santa wasn’t real so I just told her the truth .

My son is 8. He sort of believes. He questions it but I think hes afraid if he admits hes not real that he wont get anything. I dont lie to him… instead I answer back with a question. Honestly it’s up to you to break it to him. But definitely make sure he knows before high school. I kinda think when my son is going unto middle school I’ll let him in on it

So my almost 14 year old still believes. He has had friends tell him Santa :santa: isn’t real and questioned us about it. Our response has always been, “do you believe that Santa is real?” He responds with yes and we tell him that’s all that matters​:+1:

Let him catch you doing the Santa stuff so you don’t have to spoil it for him and he doesn’t get made fun of

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9 yrs old and still believes in Santa?? Is he a special needs child??


I have 9 kids the oldest being 14 he still believes 🤷🤷 nothing wrong with it at all.


I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old who still believe in Santa.


Well my boyfriends 10 year old daughter soon to be 11 still believes and gets made fun of because she does. I feel bad and want to tell her but it’s not my place. I understand the magic of Santa but when they are old enough not at their expense

I lied to my parents until I was 16, thwy said when I stopped believing he would stop bringing the extra gifts

It’s about trust. Mine trust me fully so they didn’t question the existence of Santa. When my oldest was nearing the end of elementary school and I was having a hard time making sure Christmas was gonna be as it usually is, I thought it was the right time to break the news to my kids. Also because I’d rather them find out from me instead of being teased.
So I got them together and explained that Santa wasn’t a person, more like an idea. And that I was their Santa. They were ecstatic that it had been me all along giving them their favorite things they never thought to ask for. I told them it was their job to not spoil it for anyone else and they had to find ways to be Santa for others without any credit for the deed. Trust not broken.

Just wait until he asks. I was I think 12. Of course I heard my friends say it wasn’t true and they teased me a little bit, but I just wanted to believe it. Why spoil that little bit of magic in their lives any sooner than you have to?

Honestly let them believe as long as possible


Keep him magical who cares what everyone else thinks. Innocence is… amazing. Not everybody gets the chance to have innocence


I think my daughter believed in Santa until 9 or 10, then she found my “Santa stash”, and the gig was up, lol

As long as you can keep them believing the magic of Christmas is still there. My granddaughter will be 12 in November I know she knows but she’ll never admit it and it was about that age when she got suspicious. Plus heard all the rumors around school. What a rude comment, maybe you need a little Christmas magic .

Well Santa is real, so… Why wouldn’t he believe in him?

Santa can be anyone, and should be everyone. Christmas is magical and only transforms as we age - why ruin any part of it?


My kids never. I dont like the idea of misleading kids. My kids ask me and i tell them santa is a nice story but he isnt real.

I think its great. Too many kids are seeing and hearing innappropriate stuff. I tild my kids that everyone is a “santa” bc its about giving. So believe away.