When did your daughter start shaving?

hHey I Just Want To Know At What Age Do Females Start To Shave? I have an 11 yrs Daughter Who Has Noticeable Hair On Her Armpits & Legs. And She Feels As Tho She Is Ready To Start Shaving. I personally don’t know what to do. I was once in the same boat when I was younger and my mother wouldn’t allow me to shave til after I was 16yrs. This only came about because I’m getting married soon and her dress shows her armpit hair and she in feeling insecure about it.


Mine was 11. I sat on the edge of the tub with her and showed her the best way to shave her legs.

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I think the age when it makes her self conscious or she feels like she needs to start is when you should let her.


I think if shes bothered by it, and its noticeable. Let her shave!! It’s not some big life changing event honey it’s just hair. Let her shave. Teach her how. Itll be a great bonding experience.


My mom let me start at 8. I was a mature and very hairy kid. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Let her shave, just teach her how!!!

Teach her how and let her shave. If it makes her feel uncomfortable then its probably time.

My daughter just started and she is almost 10

That’s a normal age. Mine is 12 and she started around 11 as well.

Personally I was not allowed to use razors in my household as a teen so nair was my go to. I used it for my armpits starting out then moved to legs once it got more noticeable. I’ll probably do the same now for my daughter.

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Mine started at 9,my oldest two were 11&12. But for some reason seems like girls are developing a lot earlier then before

Let her shave if its noticable let her do it

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Both of mine started at 10. The oldest did great. Younger has really dark thick hair she wasnt ready but it bothered her. So I helped her . She bow does it on her own a year later

My mom showed me how at 11 ish

If she feels insecure about the hair change the dress or let her shave don’t force her to be uncomfortable for your benefit

I was 12, daughter was 12

I started at 8 so she’s more than ready

i myself didnt start on my own till jr. high. my 9 yr old feels the same way . but i wont let her right away. and she kinda has thick hair to

I let my step daughter who is 10 start shaving her legs.

Oh I’m same my wee lady is ten wants to start shaving x