When did your man help with taking care of the baby?

Hey, mommas, I got a question? How long did it take for your boyfriends/fiances/ husbands to help with the babies? Like changing diapers and putting the baby to sleep. My fiancee makes me feel like everything is more important to him than me and his daughter, who is eight months old. I do almost everything all the time. Somedays I get so tired that I cant up in the middle of the night when she cries, and I know for a fact he never hears her cry. I just need some advice, no negativity, please!


From day one, my hubby helped. I would not have survived without his help, especially during the night.:slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t have much help with my boys

My ex is an ass but he helped from minute one. My current raised his kids alone…so its not men, its YOURS being a selfish ass…tell him to step up now or leave.

He never helped. Never got up through the night. If I made a bottle and handed him the baby then he might feed her. Babies are work and he didn’t want anything to do with that. She was my job.

Um, they should be able to jump right in and care for their children. They should WANT TO care for their children.


I always got up with mine cuz I breastfed, so I just slept by babies bed so I didn’t have to get up

In the hospital and to this day.


Always did. I have a keeper.

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You are a very patient woman to have not brought that up for 8 months


My man has been hands on since our baby girls first breath of life ! He is her caretaker while im at work during the day then i get home he goes to work … when i was on maternity leAve i would do nights and he would do early mornings and evenings so i could sleep in … and he is 27 and im 38 i am truly truly BLESSED !! (Our baby girl will turn 1 on monday and i am 30 weeks pregnant with our son )

Don’t have another one with him. …:wink: Raising children is hard work .


To be honest, with our first baby i did it almost all of it. He would help on the weekends but i still would get up at night with my baby. I didn’t mind bc my husband works 40+ a week. So i guess if you’re tired then just let him know and talk about it. Or do what i did one time, leave the house for a day. That’s how i got my husband’s attention so he started helping some more.

Since the babies born, actually after the first one born i had to stay at the hospital like 3 days and he take the baby home by himself, no family or friends help… after the second the same thing happens but i stayed in the hospital for more days, he took care of both babies (a year apart) by himself… now they hare 5 & 4 and he still doing it


Mine helps out and has since the day he was born, with things he can anyways

Mine helped from the start. Remember their just as much his. It takes a village!

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If a man wont help, leave. It will not improve, he is selfish, and you can be a single parent without the frustration of his lazy ass just lying there. He made a baby as much as you did and if will not help, you deserve better.


Do you work outside home? I think today most moms work too. It should all be 50/50, especially if you work. That’s like you doing two jobs and he has one. My son does far more than most dads. Everything is 50/50, even taking turns with night cries etc.

He is in it to win it or Out

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Had 4 children, did it all my husband did nothing.