When did your toddler potty train?

When did your little ones start getting potty trained, and what is a good way of going about it? My sons speech is not where it should be… he is 20 months and doesn’t know many words only about 5 or so (he is currently doing speech therapy through zoom), but my mother told me I can’t really potty train him until he talks significantly more. I wanted to start a little before 2 years or exactly at that mark, but how can I do that if he can’t even tell me when he has to go! I’d appreciate any tips… so far I just am very verbal about what I am doing. Like if I’m changing my diaper I tell him why I am doing it (you peed! Or you pooped!) so that he can at least connect the two things


Honestly my kids are speech delayed and potty training really didn’t take until after he started communicating better.

Look into signing for him! That way he can communicate that he needs to go. I wouldnt go strictly on his verbal abilities. You got this mama.


None of my kids potty trained till right around 3 or shortly after. We tried before that, but it never really clicked and was more of a frustration that anything. Wait until they show you signs of some sort, doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal. Every did will be different tho. Good luck!

Different ages… my bonus daughter was 3 1/2. My son was 1 year, my other son was 2 1/2. And my youngest daughter is gonna be 3 in November and she will go if she wants too. Don’t force it, they will when there ready. Forcing can cause stress on you and stress on them.

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They dont need to talk to potty train. All of mine were potty trained by 1 or 1 1/2 and not speaking sentences

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My daughter potty trained at 2 but my son wasn’t ready till 3

Around 1 1/2 they were all fully done by their 2nd birthday. I like using the portable potty for training till they were comfortable enough for the potty seat in the bathroom.

My 3rd was speech delayed and he was daytime diaper free by 2 1/2. All 4 of my boys were out of day time diapers between 2 and 2 1/2. Full night time took them another 6+months

My 3 year old is speech delayed and she’s still not potty trained. She has the words for potty and poopy but I haven’t had any luck getting her to use potty.


Introduced it at 2, but my son didn’t actually get potty trained til a couple weeks after his 3rd birthday. Before that he defiantly was just not ready.

Our pediatrician told us not to full on try to potty train til atleast the age of 3.

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I have 3 and the magic number was the age 3 for us. Nothing wrong with trying at a younger age, just don’t come at it with expectations. I found it easier to follow there lead. Potty training didn’t become a battle. When they was ready. It happened.


My son was potty trained (day and night) by 2.

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Both my son and step daughter started at 2 both had speech delays my daughter was potty trained by 3 (still has accidents here and there but she’s little) and my son just fully potty trained at 5 (he had autism) the speech genuinely had nothing to do with it , them being on a routine and being comfortable was honestly the most important thing that helped

My son isn’t speech delayed and didn’t show signs of being read until about 3 months ago. We have been potty training for about 2.5 months and we still aren’t to the point where he will tell me he has to go. Slowly we are getting there but we still have accidents. My daughter was 2.5 and was potty trained in 1 day (I got very lucky). Every kid is different, its all about the ques and about how dedicated you can be to fully training. I dony have time every single day to clean up constantly so some days he may wear a diaper for an hour or two extra, but i try to ensure he is in undies and training atleast 3 hours a day

my son did not speak much and was mostly garble but ha understood we started training at 2 and he caught on quick. he had a submucous cleft palate and had surgury at 3 try and see if he takes to it

Def teach sign. I am a teacher of the deaf if you would like some more information on signing. My daughter is now 18 months and she decides if she’s gonna use the potty or not sometimes she comes and tells me she wants to go on other times I ask and if she says no I don’t push since it’s just more frustration for both of us. When she turns two I will start putting her one regularly.

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My son is also special needs. He’s taking speech therapy, occupational therapy and has a SEIT. He became fully potty trained at 4 (just clicked). I’ve been trying for two years and he just wasn’t ready. I’ve always encouraged him but never forced him. His doctor and therapists all said he will get it on his own and it’s no concern. One day he simply said “mom I have to use the bathroom” and he just went. Took him a few days to poop, but he gotten both immediately with no accidents. Follow non-verbal cues (taking off diaper, log when the child pees, dry night diapers etc) come up with a cool potty song too. He will get it when he’s ready. Just don’t force it.

My speech delayed son potty trained at 3.5. One day it just clicked and he went and then continued to go potty. Maybe one or two accidents the first day or two - but has been stellar since. I tried to have him understand before that - once he was ready, there was no stopping him.

I have no advice, but have been where you are. Wishing you luck! There were some good videos on YouTube with some good tips. :slight_smile: