When do pregnancy symptoms start?

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All pregnancies are different. Mine started almost immediately. I was exhausted within days of conception and felt different. By week 2 I knew I was pregnant and by week five my chest was huge, I was napping/oversleeping - week 6 the heartburn and morning sickness started and didn’t stop until a few days after delivery

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About 7 weeks… super sore boobs, really tired and smells nauseated me sometimes. Never puked though.

2-3 weeks Exhaustion/ fatigue. 8 weeks - 13 weeks morning sickness/ nausea. 20 weeks- birth heart burn

My first pregnancy I never had any until around 30 weeks with heartburn.
Now, my second pregnancy im 18 weeks and I already have heartburn but nothing else.

Mine were at 5 weeks (suspected it but wasn’t sure) then by week 6 I was always napping and queasy lol

About 6 weeks super sore boobs and really tired as well

The day I was supposed to get my period. By 5 weeks I needed meds for my nausea. I had HG though! :flushed:

I never had any and I’m 33 weeks pregnant🤷🏼‍♀️ my missed period was the only reason I knew.


Mine always started 5 weeks exaclty. I think some people have them earlier


About 5 weeks for me, started feeling sick and spewing out of nowhere

Mine started about 2-3 weeks after. I got my pregnancy confirmed at 4 weeks pregnant

Like the second day I thought I was

Mine started at 6 weeks

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