When do pregnancy tests work after sex?

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I feel like these questions could be googled :joy: but wait a week after your missed period :slightly_smiling_face:


Fine telling people to do a test before or after a missed period but you can still have a period all way throw a pregnancy

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If you had sex during ovulation, you can test in two weeks, and six days before expected period with an early result test. If you’re unsure of ovulation, wait until you miss your period to test. But you can even test the day of your missed period with a normal test and first mornings pee.

I took one 3 days after & it was accurate

With my 3rd daughter, I got a positive result 10 days after “the deed” with my husband

I got a positive the day my period was supposed to start and I was only 3 weeks

Wait until you miss you miss a period :roll_eyes:


They don’t :rofl:… you need to wait until the day of your period for the most accurate results.

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Took mine 8 days after I ovulated and I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant with baby #2❤️

mine test show before 7 days I saw the doctor on the 7th day according to my blood work.

5 weeks after you conceive.

Second exact question in a week. If you need to ask you shouldn’t be having sex.


I feel like people who ask things like this should probably not be breeding or even having sex for that matter because they are completely uneducated.

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Most 1 day after missed cycle

Didn’t we just have this question?!?!