When do you know a relationship is over?

When do you know to stop trying or caring? My husband and I have been together for a few years and married for a few months. We have a baby together. During pregnancy was rough. I didn’t get treated great but I dealt with it. I work my butt off. I worked full time until the day before I had my kid. And even now I went back a month after having my little one and work full time and long days. I get no help. No help. And if something like the dishes isn’t done I get yelled at saying the whole reason the house is a mess is because of me. I do all the cooking and cleaning and work longer days than my husband. I change all the diapers. I do all the feedings. I do everything. But it’s all still “my job” so if it’s not done, it’s the end of the world. I’ve asked for help and don’t get it. Or if I do, it’s done with attitude. I get treated as if I’m a total idiot and get yelled at if I don’t want to do something with friends on my days off because I’m tired. He also likes lots and lots of pictures of other women. If they’re friends, I told him I don’t care. But it’s only girls he’s slept with, no one else. I’ve told him it hurts my feelings, and I feel hurt, but he won’t stop and says it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t care. He even almost ended our wedding because I didn’t want one of his past flings there. I get past is past, but sometimes there’s a limit. Especially when you’ve tried to be friends with them, and they only talk to him. My feelings don’t exist anymore to him. They are invalid or “stupid.” I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve also opened up about having postpartum depression, and now that’s used as a weapon too. As soon as a fight breaks out, it’s an instant, “you just need help.” My heart is breaking every single day.


Leave him fuck that noise…that just wait until a day he goes to work and pack what you can and leave…

This is when it’s over. Right here. I’m sorry you’re going through this :disappointed:


Just leave. Your not a damn maid! He doesnt respect you!

Girl. Go. It’s been over.


It’s done with you deserve so much better than this


I read 1/3 of your post and knew you’d had to leave. You’re in appreciated, go! He sounds like trash anyway.


Don’t waste anymore time with him. Sounds like you are pretty much doing it alone, so you might as well be alone. Sounds like you would be happier.


You and your child deserve so much more. He needs to LEAVE!


It’s time to leave. He sounds like a horrible person! Please run as fast as you can.


Its over, you just don’t know it yet

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That sounds abusive to me. Run!

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Get the fuck out chick, come on now! If you’re doing it all on your own now why keep the shit baggage?? Tell him to step up or step the fuck out the way.

Leave! I’m sorry but I would have done left by now. Sounds to me like he’s a big ass coward. F him

If you’re doing it all on your own anyway then what good is he?
Marriage is a partnership, teamwork, if your teammate is bringing you down you need a better team mate.


Screw his best friend :joy:


I’m so sorry u are going through this it’s tough having kids and trying to maintain a relationship if he doesn’t see that u need a break for ur own mental that is not fair if he’s not treating u like u should be treated or valued then the timing is based on how much longer u can take the mistreatment and disrespect u are worth so much more than that and if he just feel that oh it’s ur job then what is his job isn’t it to provide protect and respect… u are the only one that can say it’s time but I’m sending positive vibes your way girl ugh mom life is tough ur mate should not make it harder

He sounds like a piece of shit. Run away. Fast. Save your heart for someone who cares!

Kick him to the curb, honey. No real man would treat you like that.


I’d file for a divorce. You deserve better than that. Seems like you could leave, you do it all on your own anyways.