When do you prepare your kids lunch for school?

Hey, mama’s, do you guys prefer to make your kids lunch the night before or in the morning before school?


Night before or I forget.

the night before, dont have time in the morning! alot easier :blush:

The nite before. Some morning are crazy. But mine make their own. They r teenagers.

In the morning. I’m worried things will get soggy if I prepare it the night before.

Depends on whaaat I’m preparing

Morning so they’re fresh

Both… sometimes the night before and sometimes in the morning.

I make everything the night before except the sandwich. That gets made in the morning.

In morning so its fresh

I prep everything but the sandwiches the night before

Neither. I like to sleep. Lmao I’m just kidding. Let me find the link to something cool and you can prep for a week.

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Morning …until he /they are old enough to do it on there own then they can do it however they want lol youngest is only 1 tho so I got a while to go on that haha

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Night before if I can

We do it in the mornings. Breakfast, get dressed, make lunch and grab snack has been the morning routine.

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My son is 11. He makes his own lunch.

Depends on how tired i am at the end of the day, sometimes the night before sometimes the morning of :woman_shrugging:t2:

Let your kids make their own lunch.

Night before… they make their own lunch

In the morning, I do breakfast and lunches at the same time