When do you say enough is enough with family drama?

How is much drama in a family too much? From the beginning, there’s always been some sort of drama! Mainly my lovely sister in law, she needs to have all the attention, she needs to have everything go her way, or she lashes out! She’s mean, she spreads rumors, she lies, she physically abuses my brother in law and has openly admitted it and has tried several times to come between my husband and me! Now I have forgiven and let it go several times, but enough is enough! Her narcissistic ways have weighed down too much on my own little family, and it’s not fair. I’ve since cut ties with her, and now the whole family is turning against me and blaming me because “it’s about the kids” even though she has been a horrible nasty person to so many people, it’s somehow become my fault! I’ve told my mother in law that we just want peace and happiness and love and no drama and she told me “it’s not a perfect world” SO I’m asking how much “drama” do you all have in your family!


None in mine dramas bad for the mind

We have lots! But it’s mostly ex wife drama where she is trying to still be part of the family.

I’m about neck and neck with you only it’s my hubby family who disowned him because his bitch ass sister starts drama and their are scared of her dumb ass they believe her lies. I’ve been done with all of them I don’t need to prove anything to anyone that I’m a good person and shes not. I certainly don’t want my children around any bad people with bad vibes

I don’t have connections with any of my family, we just don’t seem to have the same point of views or life style… I am open to almost anything but they don’t accept my personal views on things so it’s always them fighting with me. You miss them yes, but it’s a lot of stress that isn’t good for you to keep trying. I don’t have bad blood with them just choose not to associate myself with the negativity.


If this isnt my own life I swear we’re twins!!.. girl I got all kinds of drama in my family. My main problem is my inlaws… my husband is so far stuck up their ass I cant deal no more. My husband is treated like a slave by his stepdad and mom… his older brother left as soon as he graduated because of the slave treatment between him and my husband… while their 2 younger half brothers are treated like kings… even his mother is treated like a slave while her husband/their step dad sits on his ass all day. I’ve brought it up to her many times that she’s a strong ass woman who needs to stand up for herself… but instead she sits there with no back bone and does whatever he asks … and then they treat my husband the same… I’ve gotten into it with them several times over the way they treat my husband and they dont care as long as hes still around to do what they need him to do… and unfortunately out of all the shit talk and the threats of this and thst… the stuff they say to him about me and trying to over take our son and the stuff they do to him right in front of him… he still stays like a puppy dog and do whatever asked of him… everyone in his family including me and told him and tried to make him see what’s going on because everyone sees and knows what going on… he still doesn’t care to listen as long as he pleases them…that’s some of my drama… but the whole sister in law thing… I get 100%… my drama with her has calmed down a tad mostly because she’s got 3 kids with my brother and now I have my son were kinds getting along…but the only time they want anything from me and my husband is if we help them… she cheated on my brother several times… called her out for it… when she went to get married her bachelorette night she called my mom and asked to watch the kids while she and everyone else went to party… didn’t even bother to invite my mom who’s helped her with so much… between her and my brother they get the royal treatment… it’s always been them over us completely… and then she tells me that my family’s never done a damn thing for her…my parents and grandparents constantly give them money for this and that…my mom came down for a whole week when she had her last kid(by csection) to help her watch the oldest 2… and then when they got married they had their wedding in PA which is where she’s from…(we live in florida) she got pissed because no one could afford to travel up north… and then when my husband and I got married(we got married in the town we live in )everyone was there because we made it to where no one had to travel… the kost anyone traveled was my husbands grandparents from texas…but we’ve somewhat made amends cause were moving and they are too so we’ve just been spending time here and there with the kids

It is about the kids. Meaning their well-being. You have every right to protect your child from toxic people no matter who the person is to your child.

Your baby comes first. F*ck them if they hate it 💁


Your lovely sister in law wins

Nope. You dont need to allow that at all. We cut all hubbys family off 2 years ago after 10 years of constant bullshit drama.

I don’t have time or energy for people and their drama. I just simply don’t communicate with people.
If something negatively effects my son, or will negatively effect him, my husband and I don’t allow him to be around it.

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stick to it and stay away

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It’s not your place to make everybody happy. You just have to let everyone know that you’re not going to deal with drama. Everybody needs to stop making excuses for her behavior. She will continue to do it as long as she can


Let them keep her and you can live life without them. Itll be shitty for a while because they’re all going to throw shit at you but try your best to let it fall away. I hope your husband and you are in agreement and he supports your decision. He should defend the choice you’ve made as a family. The grandparents can still see the kids if they agree to leave that non sense at the door and they come over for visits right? Under your roof they should agree to your terms.

If you don’t put a stop to it it’s only gonna get worse,We put up with so much crap, now it’s to the point Where I hope I never have to see them again!


You made your decision. Accept the benefits and the consequences. I don’t have any drama right now in my family. No toxic people pushing to be in my life. :raised_hands:
…Maybe I’m the toxic one?
:sweat_smile: :woman_shrugging::grin:

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No drama here! I dont allow it. Keep anyone who is toxic at arms distance. Talk to them only when necessary. I get grief for it but it’s what is best for me and my family.


I know it’s awful. But your kids come first. They’re probably excepted her ways but you don’t have too. You need to decide with your husband who your children need to be around and who they do not.

Every family has that ONE person😅


I’ve learned to keep em at arms length and do my own families thing and whats in the best interest for MY FAMILY 🤷

Only you can answer what your limit is. I have a short fuse so I’m alone on purpose. Happy but it’s quiet