When do you stop breastfeeding?

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Every Child is different.My oldest was off nappies first🙈 My boys were both over a year. Youngest weaned himself 🤷

I exclusively pumped for 2 years.

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My mom breastfed my brother till he was 3 she probably would have gone longer but she cut him off cause she was pregnant with my 4th brother.

Whenever you feel it is right for you and baby.


I stopped just after my son turned 1. He kept biting and was easy to stop with.

I weaned at one year.

Whenever you feel you are done! <3

I weaned at 13 months only because my child was biting suoer hard everytime we nursed. I wanted to go longer but preferred to keep my nipples intact lol.

13 months 1st son
16 months 2nd son
18 months 3rd son .
Only Weaned first son because I was pregnant with number two son .

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Every journey is different. Some do it forever, some dont last long. Do what feels right for you.

Whenever you’re ready! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Weaned @ 2years and 5 months. This mumma needed her body back…:sweat_smile:

How do u get ur baby to stop biteing ur boob my son bites my boob when he nurses ans it fucking hurts ??