When do you talk to your kids about the birds and the bees?

Ok, I have a question…I am a single stay-at-home heart mom to my amazing 11-year-old heart hero son. When did you talk to your kids about the birds and the bees? He is home 247 with only me due to his health and being extremely high risk. He knows the proper names for body parts and hasn’t asked anything else. I know I will have to discuss it eventually because I’m the only parent and have no help. So please let me know what age your child was and maybe what you said to them.


As soon as possible honestly. Within limits of course! It’s never too early

You need to have the conversation now

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My daughter is 12, we started taking about it around 11ish

As soon as they ask questions. I was 6
I plan on telling mine once I he can understand. Its a biology lesson, nothing to hide :woman_shrugging:

My 11yr old son just watched the puberty video on Friday. Now is the time to start having age appropriate conversations.

Normalize it, don’t make it weird or uncomfortable.


My oldest is 12 and we talk when he has questions. I also have a heart hero!

I had the talk when I was 7 years old when I started asking questions. Mum bought me this book and she went through the book with me twice. I asked questions, she answered honestly and that’s that. It’s always been a very open and honest conversation with my parents since then. So I’m very grateful to have such amazing parents. :two_hearts:

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My son is 10. His friends told him girls get pregnant by the guy peeing in the girls butt…we had the talk right then


I dont remember having the talk. We live on a farm so I am sure at some point he asked. He is 16. I remind him about condoms and about child porn. Girls sending dirty pictures or him sending dirty pictures. It’s not just one talk and done. It’s a conversation that should happen offen.


From birth. My kids are 6, 4, and 2 and they understand the mechanics of it (though they are adamant babies are born from the belly button and refuse to believe otherwise)
I believe the more you wait to have “the talk” the more its a horrifing embarrassing moment.


Agreed from day one you should start but since he is 11 I would start immediately, of course age appropriate

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You could be like me and get the packet from the doctor’s office called “Puberty: Ready or Not Here It Comes!” without reading it first… :woman_facepalming: It mentioned everything from oral, anal, vaginal, stds, stis, pregnancy, birth control and body changes for both girls and boys. The questions to follow were easy enough to answer, but I was not prepared for that conversation.

He us reaching the age where his body is changing the time is now

A great book called Where Did I Come From? Explains it all. It’s cute and a little funny, but Explains it clearly on a child’s level.

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My daughter is 5 and I’ve slowly been talking her through everything over the last couple years. She knows eventually her body will change and she will get a period and sometimes it’s uncomfortable. She knows boys have a penis and girls a vagina. She knows where baby’s come from and that it takes a man and women to have a baby (I will obviously explain more to her on this later on at an appropriate time) she’s completely comfortable asking me questions and I always answer honestly.

My son is 11 and i just talked to him about puberty! :flushed: is it this early that “the talk” should happen lol ive talked to my girls but havent w the son. Single mom so im doing my best to raise my little man.

Im never admitting how babies are made. My kids will never look at me the same. I’m holding ground, "Whaaaat? I don’t know what kind of parent’s your friends are but I ate a package of baby seeds and hoped for the best…


Now is a good time. They start talking about boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s and even if he’s not out doing anything, he’s probably going to have friends that are. Now is definitely the time to start. It’s going to be important to remember internet/texting safety as it relates too. Sending dirty pictures, child porn, etc.