When does nausea start in pregnancy?

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Different for everyone, some never get morning sickness. Others get it, as soon as the sperm finds the egg

It never started for me. For my daughter from the moment she became pregnant to the.moment she gave birth to my granddaughter. She had “hyperemesis gravidarum” and was the most miserable thing I’ve ever seen.

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A few weeks in both times. Had it for 8 months with my son :blue_heart:

I had mine in weeks 5-6 and very little, it hasn’t affected me too badly. Everyone has a different experience with it though!:slight_smile:

Mines day one until the day I give birth…

Mine was about 6 weeks to 15 weeks ish.

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I’m 31 weeks + 2 days and I still get it now and again lol

I never had it… M didn’t know I was pregnant until 15 weeks xx

Mine was 6 weeks until 13 weeks

6 weeks to 23 weeks but everyone is different xx

With my daughter it started at about 2 months lasted only a month and a half. With my soncurrently23weeks it started immediately I thought I was sick and lasted 4 months

Anytime or not at all.

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I had none at all with my first and was sick from the get go til about 6 months with my second. All of them are different

Just depends on your own body and baby. Everyone is DIFFERENT.

Every pregnancy is different, and not everyone gets nausea with every pregnancy.

By the time u realize u have missed a period u should start to notice any nausea

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I felt nauseous before I found out but didn’t start throwing up tell about 8 weeks.

It started for me around 8 weeks

I had none with my first and a few weeks of it with my second. :woman_shrugging:t3: Every pregnancy is different.