When I cough my c section scar hurts: Advice?

Question for those mommas who had a c-section: My daughter is 3.5 now, and just recently, within the last 6-8 months, I’ve noticed that anytime I cough (or even sometimes when I sneeze), my stomach muscles right above my scar tense up and it almost feels like a Charlie Horse. I legit have to walk around and massage my stomach to get it to finally stop. Has this happened to anybody else? Or am I crazy?


Mine still hurts 8 years later. It’s normal for most of us.

Not for me, maybe ask your doctor when you have your next visit

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This happened to me too.

Mines just numb :confused: i think it depends on how you were cut? I would talk with your doc. (My scar is about 3 years old)

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My son is almost 4 and mine still is tender and itches sometimes

That sounds like a hernia

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My son is 15 and mine still has pain that shoots through it. It’s also numb 90% of the time. I got cut up and down. Not bikini.

Mine is numb and itches sometimes and I’ve had quick sharp pains before. Nothing that lasted more then one or two seconds and it’s been 13 years. I would definitely get it checked.


I’ve had two c sections, last one was in February of 2019. This happens to me too. It’s awful! It takes me breath away & takes awhile to go away. I also have to walk around.

Scar tissue? There’s a condition that develops sometimes after surgery… adhesions I think is what it’s called, should bring it up to doc.

This happened to me. It was a hernia.


I’d ask your doctor about it. . I’ve had two, my first one 10years ago and my 2nd one 3 years ago. . Even after my first it stayed tender for years. They also had to go in an remove scar tissue that build up after 3 years with my first one because the pain got so bad.

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I haven’t had a section but I’ve had my gallbladder removed and have a small hernia that hurts when I cough at one of the incision spots. Its highly recommended you get checked out cause you could pinch the hernia and cause other issues especially if it’s hurting

Mine still hurt tome to time after 7 years now had another after 7 years and hasn’t gone away hell be 6 months soon

Ive had 3…
19, 18, and 11 years ago and it still hurts… laughing, coughing, rolling over in bed… its scar tissue and adhesions… my whole stomach is also numb. If you pinch my stomach in certain spots, i dont even feel it


That sounds like a hernia.

Go get checked for a hernia.

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Mine is numb out to a couple CM top and bottom. No pain ever. I’ve had two. 10 years ago and 2 years ago.

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I’ve had 2 c sections and my stomach is still numb and I still get sharp pains when I cough really hard or move a certain way.