When is it okay for your kids to meet someone you are dating?

I’m just curious; when do you think it’s okay for your kids to meet someone you are dating?


For me it would be a minimum of 6 months exclusively dating, not just “talking”.

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Whenever you decide is an ok time. Some people introduce them right away and others have limits like at least a year. Personally, I’d do it sooner rather than later. Better to find out early your children don’t get along with someone or someone doesn’t parent the same way you do than invest a year of your time in someone only to have to end it as soon as they meet your kids.


Everybody is different. Go with how you feel. If y’all have been dating for awhile an you feel the relationship is going to last then go ahead and introduce. But you should honestly ask him when he would feel comfortable meeting your child.

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I’d wait a year personally but everyone is different

My husband and I waited 3 months before I met his 3 kiddos but we knew we wanted to go forward into marriage. I moved in shortly after to see if we could become a family. We were married a year and a half later and now been married over a year and expecting our 1st child together but our 4th overall. I truly think it depends on the people and backgrounds. I was a juvenile corrections officer and teacher with a few background checks he could look at and wasn’t offended he wanted to see them either.


For me it was when I knew the person was in my life to stay for the long haul.

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I think it was 2 months ? But I knew it was serious he proposed 3 months after that and we were married with in the year

It depends. On where you met (school function) if your kids know each other (small town) how long you were single for. Sometimes you don’t get to choose. Hugs.

I was a single mom with a 2 year old daughter. He was a single dad with a 5 year old daughter. We met each other, then a week later we had a “play date” so our daughters could meet. Here we are almost 8 years later with 2 more daughters together. :blue_heart::heart::purple_heart::heart:


Just wait til you know if it’s going anywhere. No point meeting men if it isn’t gonna work with them

When you know he’s sticking around. When you know he’s a good person, trustworthy etc. This doesn’t take weeks… it takes months, even years. I knew my husband for over a year before I brought him around my kids. They were 3 and 1 when he came around. They’re not 15 and 13.

It really depends on all parties involved. If it’s a baby/toddler, then it would be up to the two adults involved. If the child is older, talk to them about it and see how they feel about meeting whoever you’re seeing. And as a a previously single/dating mom, I liked to choose a public place for the meeting. I know it’s a little difficult right now with COVID, but I would suggest a park or restaurant or something like that. I know a lot of places are still closed, but Chuck E Cheese would work. That way the kid(s) might be more comfortable. They can meet your new significant other but also play.

I would say 6 months to strangers but individual based for those you could have possibly known for quite awhile before starting a relationship

When you feel you are comfortable enough with the person you would trust him alone with your child.

I was dating my partner for about 2 months before I met his kids

I personally introduced my son to my bf after a month. May been soon but he also had a son around the same age. I met him one on one before having him met my son we are now expecting a baby boy in January 2021 my son loves him

My current and I he met my kids before we a couple (we knew each other two yrs prior to being a couple we now have been in a 3yr relationship with one child of our own) my ex bf i didn’t let him meet them till we were 3 months in. I may have went longer but I became homeless and everything went crazyy… but my kids also have never met one we went 6 months. So it depends when you feel is right.

My opinion, when you two are both on the same page of being serious, then it’s just pretty much when you both think the time is right…

After 6 months earliest . For the safety of both you and your children, but only if you are committed and on the same page as to what you want . But I still think 6 months is way to earlie but a lot of people will disagree