When is it okay to introduce my son to my boyfriend?

Is it okay to introduce my son to my boyfriend after seven months of being split from my ex? My ex-husband and I split in June 2020 and are in the middle of a divorce but haven’t posted anything about others on Facebook or introduced our son to anyone yet. My ex has been with someone since just a few weeks after we split, if not beforehand, but we co-parent well and are being civil when it comes to our son, but I wasn’t sure if its time to introduce my boyfriend to our son. I’ve known him for three years, but we have only been together since around October and he’s a great man.


I would say its ok to introduce him as a friend… wouldn’t necessarily say this in mommy’s new boyfriend or anything


My rule of thumb was always 6 months of exclusive dating. But really it’s up to you and what you are comfortable with.


But depends on age and maturity as well


This is a decision only you can make. But I would not introduce anyone unless you can see yourself marrying them.


Mine ive always said 6months aslong talked about where its going. If not sure they won’t meet my kids.

You are the parent if you feel good about this guy then he will be good for your son aswel

When does it feel right? Has it been discussed with your ex or anything in terms of custody agreement.
Current boyfriend is not the first person I’ve dated since my ex and I split up. Didn’t introduce any of the others to the kiddo. Introduced this one super early. It just felt right. Didn’t introduce him as my boyfriend right away though. We’re at a year and a half and I’m 32 weeks pregnant currently. Would I suggest that early, in general no.

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Only you can answer this for yourself but if it were me I’d wait until your divorce and wait until you know for sure this guy is really gonna stick around because children get hurt when things don’t work out and I wouldn’t want my child meeting different men that may be there one day than next is gone just saying

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Everybody is gonna have so many different opinions, some will say right away, some will say wait at least a year, I say 3-6 months of steady dating, no toxic mess or red flags … does he ask how your kiddo is occasionally or is it all about the two of you? Does he have kids or does he have experience with kiddos? Think about all those things when you decide! You know what’s best for your baby and your boyfriend meeting him might be what’s best for you!


I wouldn’t. That’s not long enough. I would wait until it’s been at least a year, and the relationship is really serious. You can’t be too careful these days. Every new boyfriend shouldn’t be around your kids.


This is coming from a child of separation:

No. Your son has enough to process without trying to handle a new relationship on top of everything. Wait until the divorce is finalized and have a discussion with your child, together as parents, so he knows you’re a team. He may also need a therapist to help him with any feelings during the divorce and to process their emotions. Kids know a lot more than you’d think. After some time has passed and things are serious with this guy (IE: talks of marriage) — then introduce him. Your son also doesn’t need to meet every boyfriend you have. Kids do make lasting connections with people and he doesn’t need someone leaving if things don’t work out. Especially after dealing with a divorce and having another new person thrown into their life.


That’s your preference

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We were one year separated before we started seeing each other and waited a year, I know that is probably a bit extreme but we wanted to be sure and we kinda enjoyed the time on our own together as well :face_with_hand_over_mouth: 2 years later we are all (7) moved in together and just got engaged . If you feel happy and secure then its really up to you at the end of the day!

i didnt introduce my older daughter to my current till i felt ready and unless got serious. even though she was a teenager at the time,it probaly wasnt till we were together about 6 mths. and if your kids are younger id probaly wait a while.

Only you can decide whether it feels right or not

Well while only dating a month seems fast you said you’ve known him about 3 years. Do you know his friends and family. Do you like the way he treats you and other people in your gut does it feel right? If all of these things are right then I say introduce him as a friend for now and give them time to get used to each other

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I would wait 6 months and what are his plans in your life with your son?

Go with your gut. If you think he’s a positive influence and role model I’d say it’s okay. My bf and I have been together two years now. He and his kids moved in with me within a month of knowing each other. We all couldn’t be happier!! I’m not saying that he needs to move in. But we just bonded instantly…

There is no right or wrong answer.