When is the best time to introduce a second language to your child?

Hi, first-time mom here. My daughter is about to turn two at the end of this month. What I want to ask is if any of you know what’s the best time to introduce my baby to the second language. Do you have a similar experience? English is not the mother language in my country, and I’m the only one who can speak English in our house. My husband and I want to raise the bilingual kid. We didn’t start using English to her before because I want her to grasp/have more vocabs from our mother language first to avoid speech delay, and I’m planning to start talking to her in English after she turns two. Do you think it’s a good idea? Or should I wait for more? I speak English to her, but not full time.


Start right from the beginning


I say the earlier the better… mines has taken both languages great and learning both…

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My son speaks three language and he’s only three

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Start now or she’ll never learn, trust me, my whole family speaks Spanish except for me and my brother and I hate it because I don’t know it well enough to even teach it to my kids.

The younger the better. They seem to grasp it better. My boys are bilingual as well since their father and I speak different languages. We started teaching them English and Burmese from the beginning since they could talk.

Little ones come pre-wired to learn language, and from what I’ve heard, the earlier the better. That’s not to say that languages can’t be learned later in life, but it’s a more natural process when they’re younger.

Here In the USA they teach English in schools so all my kids learned Spanish first, one of my bonus kids doesn’t know Spanish so she speaks to them in English. There may be a delay in her speech with learning 2 languages. Don’t be alarmed most kids do.

Early! I started counting in different languages to my kids before they turned 1. Anytime they’d be super upset it would calm them down and eventually they picked it up too. They both could count to 10 in four different languages by age 2.


Start from the beginning. When you say something also say the English word of it

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We started ours right out the gate. They know some Spanish, Swahili, Italian, Mandarin and sign language as well as English. They aren’t fluent however they know key words and phrases. When they sleep we put on (fill in the blank language) while you sleep and use sign language with English during the day

The earlier the better sign language is great for babies.

They say from day one, use both languages, they will learn them both at the same time and it’s easier the earlier they learn it.

My son knows english sign and is learning our peoples native tongue. Hes almost 3 and we just started one day. Babies learn fast

My baby is 6 months and everything we say to her in English we repeat in spanish and vice versa

We do Spanish, English and baby sign language and have since day one. He uses some English and some Spanish (for some reason he likes to say leche better than milk but says ball and back (a command we have for the dogs) in English) he also has about 15 signs that he is very fluent with. (16 months) Go ahead and teach English!!!

I would have started right away

I’d ask her pediatrician, if she’s met all her mile stones then why not now, my kiddo was delayed so from the start they told us no Spanish for him because it would confuse him and his speech therapy. Finally said mama around 3/4years old

They recommend using both languages from birth. There may be a slight lag in language skills but then they rapidly begin using both. So start using both now!

Today’s kids are very brilliant, you can start right now, trust me, they will pick up in no time

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