When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

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Depending on the test you use 5 days after your missed cycle or there are also test that can tell you 5 days before your missed cycle

If you take at night and get a positive, you are pregnant! Sometimes there can be false negatives but enough HCG in your system will be positive! Good luck

In the morning. Concentrated pee


First in the morning accurate time

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After unprotected sex.Don’t need it before.

Or if u r like me and work overnights in the late afternoon after u have slept for about 5 to 8 hours

The first pee once you wake up


I was always told as soon as you wake up

I got a positive 5 days before my period was due :woman_shrugging: everyone’s different


I’ve read best time is in the morning when you wake up. But after a missed period is the best time to test. Sex the night before the test has nothing to do with the results of the test.


8-10 days after ovulation, not the day after sex. Taking one as soon as you wake up is key. You could get a result 5 days before your missed period or not until 5 days late. It really just depends. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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After you get pregnant :rofl: jk


It’s testing the hormone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had sex.

I didn’t get a positive test until I was 8 weeks pregnant

You can’t get a positive pregnancy test the day after conception happens. That’s not how it works. Implantation doesn’t happen until around 7 days past ovulation-12 days past ovulation. Even after implantation happens, it takes a few days for HCG to build up in your system. If you’ve already missed your period, you should get an accurate result.


The earliest would be 5 days after a missed period with morning urine cuz hormones would be concentrated…if negative wait a few days and do again.

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I tested positive 3 days after my period was suppose to start. But not everyone’s ovulation cycle is the same. And always test with your morning urine, it’s the most concentrated!!!

Do you mean will the semen ( that would be still inside morning after) affect the test? If so it shouldn’t. Anytime from the day of your missed period is fine to take a test

I got a positive in the evening, when my period was 4 days late. I was 4 weeks pregnant.

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