When my toddler is upset he bangs his head on the wall: Advice?

Mamas, I am at a loss. My son is two years old; whenever he gets mad or upset, he will start banging his head on the wall. He will not stop this tantrum until he is ready to stop. It isn’t a super hard banging, but I don’t want him to bang his head into something that could really hurt him some time. I end up getting on the floor with him and protecting his head the best I can. What are some things I can do to get him to stop doing this? I am a first time mom, is this something I should just bring up to his doctor?


Definitely bring up to the dr at your next visit or even scheduled a visit.

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Take him to the doctor. It’s not normal, but they have to figure out why it’s normal for him.

I have two so needs kids . Talk to your Dr and ask about a behavioral eval

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My son did this. It was a phase, we talked to his Dr. And he said it was also a phase. Just ask your Dr about it.

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He will grow out of it. My daughter did the same and eventually grew out of it. She did walk around with a bruise on her forehead for quite some time. Dr said it was normal since she didn’t yet have the vocabulary to express what she was feeling.


Yes tell the dr. At first when my daughter started in the tantrums at almost two she would do that but wanting attention I started going to her level no it doesn’t help I walked away and she would stop bc I wasn’t giving her the attention she was trying to get. She now 2 1/2 and not throwing as many but have not banged head ever since


I would definitely talk with his dr…but I had this issue with my son and his dr. Said it was a common phase, especially with boys and that they usually grow out of it by aroubd 5-6 yrs old. My son grew out of it after about 6 months.

My little brother and cousin used to do this except they would bang their head on the hard wood floor when they were kids. I don’t know what the doctors would say now, but I do know back then (which was about 16 years ago) they told my mom and my aunt that if they would ignore them during the tantrum that they would figure out they wasn’t getting attention from negative behavior.

But I’m not sure what they would say now days, I would just ask the doctor about it and see what they say :slightly_smiling_face:

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My children’s pediatrician said they do it for attention sometimes, or to get a reaction out of you. If you ignore it, they will quit when they realize it isn’t working.


My son did this and you gotta ignore it. Ask you doctor but usually they grow out of it. If you give him any sort of attention during it he will continue. Walk away and eventually will realize your not giving into that behavior. My kid would have a big ol lump on his forehead on a regular basis he would hit it on anything and everything. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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Find him a little throw pillow with a character he likes on it and put that between the wall and his head and tell him it’s ok to be upset but it’s not ok to hurt yourself or others and that if he feels he needs to hit his head on something he can hit it on the pillow. I know it doesn’t answer why, but it gives him a safer option to deal with his frustration. It’s mor than likely because he doesn’t know how to use his words to express his feelings.

My nephew did this too. Except he’d hit his head on tile flooring. It was a phase. He’s a healthy, normal 14 year old now. Like most bad toddler behavior, maybe try walking away and not giving him attention during the tantrum.

Redirect him to a cushion on the floor, tell him you see he is angry but he will hurt himself and if he must do it to do it safely as possible, if you could get a punch bag or something similiar try redirect to that instead of his head off a wall… he is prob frustrated that he cant communicate his feelings yet so def do some verbal work with him, lots of prompts, praise and positive reinforcement. If your really concerned go to the doctor for advice.

Bring it up to the doc. My daughter (8 now) started this at 2. She has since been diagnosed with ADHA and ODD. Of course this is not always the case. When she would do that I would pick her up to so she wasnt able to bang her hand. Also bought a big stuffed animal and acted as if I was mad and hit that. Then she started to do the same


Son did this too… he was ultimately diagnosed with many issues. Go to doctor

I used to do that as a child and at 4 years old they found out I had severe environmental allergies that were causing pain in my sinuses which caused the head banging. I started receiving allergy shots and things got better but I was on them for a long time.

My son does this as well. He’s almost three now and the better he talks the less he doesn’t. For a lot of kids it’s just a frustration thing. For example if he hurts himself on something he will headbutt it, usually hurting himself more, trying to get back at it.

Please be careful and don’t listen if they say it’s just a phase my son has done this and he was diagnosed with ADHD and autism does he show any other systems of either one it took a really long time for them to diagnose him and he won’t hit on everything cement and and anything he could find my not trying to scare you I was told it was a phase to and he will out grow 12 years later he still does it

Get a bicycle helmet…put it on him…and let him bang