When should I forward face my child?

Hey mamas, I was wondering at what age did you turn your child’s car seat forward-facing? My daughter is 15 months old, and I just bought her a new chair today. I have four children, but my son before he is 13. I feel like a new mom again because so much has changed. The Pediatrician told me she needs to be rear-facing until three???


I’d listen to the Dr

I kept mine rear facing as long as possible


Most states are adopting the law that they need to stay rear facing until ATLEAST 2 years old

Until they MAX out rear facing which most can be up to 50 pounds


In Illinois the law is 2 years. Every state is different. Look up ur state

I think it’s by state. I’m in NY and believe the law says 2.

I put my boys forward facing at about a year and a half or so, they’re tall so having them rear facing was hurting their legs


Hi, I’m a Child passenger safety technician.
The absolute minimum a child should be forward faced is age 2. However, the absolute safest and fullest recommendation is 4+ years of age, or maxing out the child’s seat limits.

The biggest danger with forward facing too early is the risk of traumatic atlanto occipital dislocation, also known as internal decapitation.
When children are young (infant through about age 6), their vertebrae in their neck are actually made of more crrr 4artilage than the vertebrae of older children and adults. This allows their neck to stretch and flex way more than it will when they are older. Over time, the cartilage will slowly ossify and turn into bone. It is recommended to keep children RFing until a MINIMUM of age 2 because that’s the beginning of the process but their necks are still pretty weak at that point.
Waiting until as close to age 4 as possible is what NHTSA recommends because it allows their bodies to continue to grow stronger during those extra months. What happens in internal decapitation is that the skin stretches, the muscles stretch, and the spine stretches but the spinal cord inside stretches too far (it only takes 1/4") and snaps. Once that happens, the result is either a life-altering injury or worse.


Unsure but my son will be 2 soon and he is front facing. He was too long to rear face any longer, his feet were cramped up against the seat.

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Where i live the law is 2 years old with height and weight requirements

Mine is 2.5 and still rear facing
I plan to rear face her hopefully until 4
My 5 year olds are still in a 5 point harness


My state is age and weight. My ped gave us the ok at his 2 year appt

My son is extremely tall and I kept him rear facing till he maxed out on height. He was a few months shy of 4.


My oldest is 4 years old and about 38pounds (idk how tall) and he’s still rear facing. His carseat in my car is rear facing until 50 pounds and that’s how long he’ll be rear facing.

I will be rear facing my son for as long as possible. (Probably 2 or 3) He can cross his legs or extend if needed when rear facing so he will be comfortable:)

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In AZ its 1yo so it depends. My eldest was 1.5yo when we changed her forward.


It depends on your state law. In Idaho(where I live) it is a minimum of 2 but many parents choose to leave thier child rear facing till the max out the weight/height requirements for the seat and are forced to turn them around.

My state says 2. I changed him around at 2.5 because he was freaking out at not being able to see

Extended rear face max out your seat so three or 4 years old

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